WhatsApp’s new features. However, here are some of the recent features added to WhatsApp are already been released by in 2022 and a long list of new features already under the pipeline for the year 2023.

  1. Disappearing messages: WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows users to send disappearing messages. Once the feature is enabled, messages sent in a chat will disappear after seven days.
  2. WhatsApp Pay: WhatsApp Pay is a new feature that allows users to send and receive money securely through the app. This feature is available in select countries.
  3. QR codes: WhatsApp now allows users to share their contact information using QR codes. This makes it easier for users to add contacts to their lists.
  4. Animated Stickers: WhatsApp now allows users to send animated stickers to their contacts. These stickers can be downloaded from the sticker store or created by users.
  5. Multiple device support: WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to use their account on multiple devices simultaneously, without needing a phone connection.
  6. View Once: WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature called “View Once” which allows users to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once by the recipient.

WhatsApp Newsletter?

The ability to send newsletters is a new feature that WhatsApp is intending to launch. WhatsApp is frequently in the news for attempting to add new capabilities for users. According to a recent WABetaInfo post, a feature with the same name looks to be in the works. Here are the pertinent details.

The most recent beta version of WhatsApp for Android,, talks about the Newsletter feature (or whatever the final name is), which will be a means for people to share information with end users, particularly businesses, groups, and others.

Anyone can subscribe to their preferred broadcasters with the use of one-to-many technology. This will be a development of WhatsApp Broadcasts, which enables the simultaneous sending of messages to numerous recipients. This is also comparable to the Broadcast Channels that Meta recently introduced on Instagram, which has a similar function. It is anticipated to reach Facebook and Messenger, and now it might also reach WhatsApp.

It is reported that this function would have a separate area under Status so as to differentiate it from individual or group chats. Considering its nature of being a means to transmit information to indeterminate consumers, end-to-end encryption would be impractical to offer. But it will still be focused on user privacy and therefore, the numbers and other information of the creators will be masked. Plus, people will have control over the newsletters being seen.

These will also come with handles so that discovering and following newsletters from certain people is easily searchable. There won’t be any ads too!

New Upcoming Features in 2023

This year, WhatsApp plans to roll out a number of new features. Several of these capabilities have already been put to the test by the company’s beta users, and soon they will be available to everyone. A screen lock for the desktop app, view-once text, companion mode, PiP for video calls on iOS, and other improvements are probably on the list of new WhatsApp features for 2023. This page is a list of new WhatsApp features that have debuted or are scheduled to do so in 2023.

Upcoming features list

Companion Mode

Picture in Pictures inside a video call

Call tab on Desktop Version

View One text

Business Directory for Whatsapp Business App

Screenlock for Desktop Version

Share up to 100 Media files

compression Free images

Companion mode

One of the biggest gripes of WhatsApp is that users cannot log in with the same account on multiple phones. The upcoming ‘Companion mode’ could soon change that by allowing users to link their existing WhatsApp account or mobile number with additional phones. With this mode enabled, users will not be logged out from their primary mobile when signing into another phone. This will ultimately unlock the possibility of using WhatsApp on an Android phone and an iPhone simultaneously. Since the feature is currently in beta for Android, expect a stable release in the coming months.

View Once text

users can send text,based messages that, will be immediately removed after the recipient opens and reads them. When you wish the party on the other end to not store any private and secret information, the feature could be quite helpful. You can think of it as the text equivalent to WhatsApp’s long-standing See Once photo function.

Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOS

WhatsApp users on Android have been enjoying video calls in Picture-in-Picture mode for well over a few months. The same functionality could soon come to iPhones which will allow users to browse through other apps while minimizing the video call into a small interface that can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen. With PiP for video calls, users will be able to multitask with ease.

Picture in Picture IOS

Pinned messages

WhatsApp may soon support the pinning of messages. Users will be able to pin any significant messages in a chat or group to the top with this feature, allowing other chat participants to access the specific message without having to browse through the entire chat. A forthcoming event, an alert, or a simple notification about something in the group chat can be pinned with the help of pinned messages.

Call tab on Desktop Version

WhatsApp is the preferred option for group and video calls. WhatsApp may soon launch a dedicated call tab for its desktop version to keep track of all recent and missed calls. In order to give customers access to the most recent calling history, the call log will sync in real,time with the phone. Do note that this functionality may not come to WhatsApp Web as it doesn’t natively support voice calling, unlike WhatsApp for Windows and Mac.

Screenlock Option WhatsApp Desktop

The desktop app, unlike the mobile app, does not include a biometric screen lock. A built-in screen lock adds additional layers of security, assuming the user has already enabled the device lock in settings. The capability could be available on both Windows and Mac in 2023.

Share up to 100 media files

Users of WhatsApp may soon be able to transfer 100 media files at once. This update may be helpful for those who rely on WhatsApp to share tonnes of photographs every day because the current limit is only 30 files. The functionality is presently accessible to beta users, and in the upcoming weeks, it may also make its way to the stable build.

Sending compression-free images

WhatsApp frequently degrades the quality of photographs sent through it, losing resolution and details in the process. To eliminate any compression while uploading photographs to chats and groups, a new feature that is rumored to be in the works could introduce a dedicated button within the screenshot editing page.