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Android 10 is finally officially released. The latest update was first branded as Android Q, and later it has been rebranded as Android 10. Now it is available on Google’s Pixel phones. This latest version comes with many advanced features. You will have improved privacy and easy controls. If you spend most of your time on social media, you are going to love this for sure. In this article, we will discuss some new features added to Android 10.

What are the new features in Android 10

Though the product is officially released, still, a lot of speculations are going on about the features and privacy. Some changes are confirmed, and a few are still under the cloud. You will find Bubbles, Dark Theme, location control, and easy WI-FI impressive. However, there is much more to explore. You can expect the following features in Android Q.

Lack of Android Beam

no android beam in android 10

The new version will not have Android beam. The NFC peer-to-peer sharing method will not be effective in this model. You will have to wait to see if Google replaces this method with a new peer-to-peer sharing method. There is no indication from Google for such development.

Wi-Fi and QR Codes

Android Q will make Wi-Fi access more straightforward than ever. You will not have to face an awkward situation by asking your friend for passwords. Your phone will take care of it. Yes, Android 10 will enable you to create a QR code, or it will help you to scan a QR code to access a WI-FI network. You just need to go to the WI-FI settings and then the home network and share button. Find a QR-code just above to access the internet without outside help.

Undo Removed App

Sometimes, we accidentally remove the app from the home screen. Android 10 will help you to undo your app. Once the app is removed, you will have a few seconds to undo any change. The undo button will be available on the bottom of your screen. Press it to undo the app and get it back to its place. You can do this only one push of the button.

Location Control

Location control in new android

Finally, Android has made significant changes in location control. In older versions, you have two options. You can either allow location access for always or not at all. However, this version comes with advanced location control. You can use the app to access the location whenever you want. It ensures better privacy. Extended battery life is an added benefit.

Dark Theme

dark theme in new android

Android Q will come with a system-wide mode that is called Dark Theme. Users can trigger this unique theme in two different ways. You can use the Theme Quick Setting button to switch between the new Dark Theme and default Light Theme. Another way of using Dark Theme mode is simply to turn on your Battery Saver mode. By doing so, you can automatically turn on the Dark Theme mode. You can save your battery life and use the Dark Theme mode at a time.

Control Over Apps Access

Android 10 has emphasized more on improved privacy, and the 2019 keynote of Google IO also confirms this. The new version will offer additional control over apps access that includes shared files, repositories, and location information. Also, now the app makers can send high-priority notification first instead of automatic switching the notifications.

Scoped Storage

There is another new feature known as Scoped Storage. It will enable users to manage how apps access the external storage of the phone. Also, it will protect users from being identified by any restrictive process. You will get protection from the non-resettable device identifiers that include your IMEI and MAC address while using different networks.

Privacy Setting in Android 10

There is a dedicated privacy section available in the setting. Once you open, it will reveal many permissions app for things, including location, calendar, contacts, camera, and microphone. This new section will enable users to cancel and discover permission for some specific apps


Bubbles are the new addition, and you will appreciate it if you use Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads. It will work like Chat Heads, and you will see circular notification floating on the screen. The bubble is steam of notifications and can be annoying for some as it will be floating on your screen regardless of what you are doing.

Face ID-style Authentication

Face ID-style authentication is very welcoming. This version might come with hardware that will utilize your facial scan for authentication. It is not clear how it will exactly work. However, it is believed that the user will be asked to move their phone in specific directions to get a clear look of their face. There is no confirmation on this, and you might have to wait for a bit to know more about this feature. However, if you believe rumors, users can use their face to unlock their phone, signs in to apps, and even to authorize purchases.

Better Notification Controls of Android 10

Notification control

Android Q will come with some advanced features to enable users to control notifications in a better way. Once you long-press an alert, you will get two options. These are silent and alert. If you select alerting, your app will make sound with each alert. When you choose the mute option, your phone will not make any sound. It might vibrate. This might not be an essential feature. But it can be beneficial. You do not need to go to the setting to choose one from both these options. With this version, you can simply long-press and then select one option.

Live Caption in Android Q

Live caption feature

Google has developed a Live Caption to make your Android more accessible. It will live-caption any video without a data connection. You can simply activate this feature by playing a video and then press the volume button. The volume slider will show a caption button at its bottom. You just need to tap it and then move around the caption by simply dragging it around your screen.

Here is the list of features in Android 10

  • No Android Beam
  • QR Codes for sharing wifi password
  • Undo Removed App
  • Location Control
  • Dark Theme
  • Control Over Apps Access
  • Scoped Storage
  • Privacy Setting
  • Bubbles
  • Face ID-style Authentication
  • Better Notification Controls
  • Live Caption

When is Android 10 coming to my phone?

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