People are waiting for the release of a new Smartphone from Apple for long. Apple SE2 is likely to be released soon but nothing can be said sure in this respect. It is the revised version of the iPhone SE released in 2016 which was one of the most affordable mobile phones from this brand. The company has made some changes in this new smartphone like the size of its screen as the phones with smaller screens are not in much demand these days.

iPhone SE2 based on rumors

Though the company has not released any official information about the releases of its SE2 still the information provided here is based on the rumors and leaked information from the company.

Date of release of iPhone SE2

There are many rumors about the release dates of the iPhone SE2. Its release date was expected to be announced in September 2019 but nothing was announced from the company. Usually, Apple announces the release date of most of its iPhones in September. Originally it was expected to be released in September 2018 but people are still waiting for the release date of this affordable iPhone to replace their previous iPhone. Now its release is expected by the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

Price of iPhone SE2

Most of the iPhones in the SE series are available with 32GB or 128GB storage capacity. They were priced in the UK at £ 379 to £ 479 respectively whereas in the US they are priced at $399 and $449 respectively. The expected price of iPhone SE2 can be within this range.

iphone SE2
iPhone SE2 based on rumors

But its price can increase to some extent depending upon its additional features. The price of this Smartphone can also depend on its availability as you may not get it everywhere in this world. However, it can be available at an affordable price at most locations as the company is planning to release cheaper iPhones.

Specifications of iPhone SE2

Design of iPhone SE2

The design of this new Apple iPhone SE2 is expected to resemble the other SE phones of this brand whereas as per rumors it can be styled like the iPhones of X models. However, as per rumors, the design of this new SE2 can be similar to the current models of the SE series. It may have a larger screen of nearly 4.2 inches and can have a Homepage button on the front along with a mode to recognize the fingerprint. Its color can be gold, space gray, rose gold and silver like other models of iPhone SE.


It is expected that SE2 may have an OLED display screen as the company is negotiating with Samsung in this regard. They may also fit a larger display screen of 6.1 inches on this new iPhone to make it comfortable to hold and easier to feel and use.

SE 2
iPhone SE2 based on rumors

According to experts, to make it easier to hold the company can replace fingerprint sensors with Face ID to unlock this phone. It will look more impressive if its display will be curved. Moreover, the ratio of color and contrast will be highest if the use of the OLED display is confirmed. It will be awesome to watch movies on this phone if the company provides a full HD display screen with 1080p resolutions.

Size of the iPhone SE2

The models of SE series usually are thick and have a screen of 4-inch size but the model of SE2 version is expected to be thinner than its previous version like that of the iPhone 8, and larger in size. As per rumors, you can expect to have an iPhone SE with the large screen even if the company is planning to release a budget version of the iPhone X.


The FaceTime camera in this new Smartphone from Apple can be of 5 or 7 MP with Retina Flash as compared to the FaceTime camera of 1.2 MP in its original version. But other features like no bumps etc. of the camera can be similar to its original model. The rating of its battery can be better than earlier if it has to handle a larger display.

Charging option

According to a known analyst, it has been mentioned by the company that they are not planning to change the charging options in tier new iPhone SE2 due to their limited resources.

If it is true then you cannot expect more than some upgraded specifications like optical stabilization and quad tone flash with a better camera in the entry-level model of this iPhone. You cannot expect 3D Touchscreen or wireless charging in this model.

Other features of SE2

iPhone SE2 may not have new features to make it an entirely new iPhone as it is not a flagship model of the company. Some of the features you can expect in this iPhone can include the use of biometric technology with Animoji used in iPhone X, front-facing selfies with portrait mode and Face ID.

There can be chances that the company increases the unlocking capacity of NFC chips for this new iPhone to make interaction easier with the badge readers. It will be logical if the company includes 3D touchscreen to this new model which expected in Apple phones for long. According to rumors, this new phone will be slimmer if this technology is used in it.

Latest Information

It is believed by the observers of Apple that the technical team of Apple is still working on iPhone SE to release its successor very soon. Some are of the view that Apple has already started the production of its new iPhone SE2020 at mass scale. SE22020 is expected to be released at the WWDC or Worldwide Developer conference of Apple to be held in the first week of June next year if you believe the reports received so far.

Some major changes in the hardware of iPhone SE are expected according to some conflicting reports. These changes may include cosmetic changes in its design to give the predecessor an entirely new look. The basis of these speculations is actually the outdated hardware of the low priced entry-level iPhone SE.

When the need for a faster processor is logical then you can expect that the new iPhone SE2 can be provided with a faster A10 Fusion chip-set processor which was used the iPhone 7. You can also expect a 2GB RAM along with the option of storage memory of 32 GB or 128 GB in the new handset of this affordable iPhone.

If the look of iPhone SE2020 from the front remained similar to the front of iPhone SE, then no major change in the size of its screen and its design, in general, can be expected. However, you can expect a jack for headphones, sensors for touch ID, and a rear camera of 12 MP in the new iPhone, according to the enthusiast of Apple. Moreover, at present, the idea of a low-priced iPhone does not seem to be realistic as Apple has already introduced iPhone SE and iPhone 5C for this purpose.

Now, most of the admirers of Apple iPhones expect the announcement of an affordable iPhone from Apple in the next few months.

Final verdict

So, there are unlimited speculations about the release of new smartphones from Apple i.e. Apple SE2020. Some are of the view that it may have a 4.7-inch display without a Home button whereas some expect the release of this new iPhone in two different styles. One may retain the features of its original model whereas the other may have updated features.

People are using their imagination power to guess about the looks of this latest Smartphone on the basis of the pouring in rumors as no official announcement has been made about its design and release dates. You can also expect to get a phone with the slimmer bezel. But the company can prove the rumors about its release dates and design false by making some official announcements in this regard in the near future. But one thing is confirmed that the release of SE2 will be surprising for everyone.

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