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Though iPhones are considered to be the style statement, Android phones have become the prime choice of people owing to the wide array of features, they offer. Both Android and Apple phones come with their own set of pros and cons. However, Android phones are known to have a long list of features. These features are hard to find in iPhones, which is a prominent reason why people prefer to use and buy Android phones on an extensive scale.

If you are wondering what is the advantage of Android and why people choose Android phones over iPhones time and again, the below-mentioned points have explained it. In addition to this, this write-up comprises of ten amazing features which are present in Android Phones but are lacking in the iPhone.   

Night Mode feature in Cameras.

Night mode in camera

One of the most prominent features of Android phones which cannot be found in the iPhones is the Night Mode in the camera. There are a wide array of well renowned and latest Android phones which boast of the Night Mode feature for the improvement of low light photos


The Android Operating system of Google has a prominent feature, referred to as Doze. It was first introduced in Android Marshmallow. It plays a vital role in saving battery life while the phone remains in an idle state. As the Doze feature of Android is turned on, the phone loses only 3-4 % of the battery charge overnight. Google claims to bring an additional improvement in the feature in Android 7.0 Nougat. However, this feature is absent in iPhones.

Multi-user Mode 

Multi user mode

Multi-user Mode has gained high popularity as one of the top android features which are absent in iPhones. With the presence of this mode, there are higher chances of a specific app to be shared by a bunch of people. Since the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, this feature is built in the phones. It ensures that it is possible to switch from one account to the other where the data of every account is protected by fingerprint, passcode, and pin. It also comes with the guest mode for temporary use.   For accessing the multi-user mode, you require pulling the notification shade almost twice and hitting on the profile icon. Unfortunately, these features are missing out on iPhones.

Expandable Memory    

Top 10 features  Expandable Memory

Most of the android phones, available in the market, provide expandable memory. Thus, it is possible to pop open the slot or back cover, present on the side of your handset. Here, the micro SD card can be put for the addition of memory in the phone.      However, iPhones do not come with this feature. Instead, you need to pay huge money for upgrading the phone memory as you require purchasing a whole new set if you intend to expand the memory of your phone. For instance, you have an android phone of 32 GB internal memory.

For an expandable memory, all you need to do is purchasing a new memory card which will involve a reduced cut off from the pocket. However, if you have an iPhone of 32 GB and you are looking forward to upgrading your phone to 512 GB, you need to invest in buying a new phone.    

Universal chargers    

Top android feature  Universal chargers

USB chargers are recognized to be the standard chargers for a wide assortment of devices, including Android Phones. However, Android Phones make use of either USB-C or micro USB chargers. However, Apple manufactures its own set of chargers referred to as lighting cables.     They are completely different from the micro USB chargers and you can use them for Apple devices only. In addition to this, they are low in quality. The chargers for iPhones have received 1.5 out of 5 stars which speak of its poor quality. In addition to this, the chargers of iPhones are expensive, in comparison to the chargers of Android Phones.    

The Google Play Store    

The Play Store of Google comes with a user-friendly and laid out interface. You can find a wide variety of apps in this store. The User interface is visually appealing and users can read anything, they want, through it. Though Apple has its play store, submitting an app is easier in the Google play store, in place of the Apple Play Store.     It is because Apple undergoes a strict process to ensure that the App you are going to submit follows the specific guidelines. It ensures that no malware id downloaded along with the application. Apps may be denied entry into the Apple Play store even at the silliest mistake. Hence, for submitting a perfect application, you need to make the application a perfect one before Apple. However, submitting an app in Google Play Store is a walk in the park.  

User serviceable battery    

A wide assortment of Android phones is available in the market that boasts of a removable battery. Thus, you can take it out or even service or replace it, catering to your needs. As you use the phone, the battery tends to lose the original capacity after some time.     The lithium ions undergo an adequate charge cycle and they are capable of holding a specific percentage of the charge capacity only. If you find any issues with your battery of the iPhones, you need to visit an Apple store to repair or fix the issue. However, if you have an Android phone that comes with a removable battery, you can sign in to Amazon, and purchase a generic battery for your phone. 

Multitasking and Widgets    

Multi tasking
Android widgets

The customization section displays a wide array of benefits in Android phones, in comparison to iPhones. Apple ensures not to have too many widgets on the main home screen for avoiding any kind of clutter. On the other hand, Android provides a wide assortment of widgets which can be put on the home screen of the phone. Such widgets are inclusive of direct calls to the contact list in the phone, alarms, messages, email, flashlight, weather, customized clock, to name a few.    

Multitasking is also one of the premium features of Android phones which are absent in the iPhones. It is really easy to use. All you need to do is opening the multitasking window, after which you need to drag the specific two apps, you are planning to use in the appropriate boxes at the right time.    

iPhone users are allowed to personalize their home screen. However, customized home launchers are provided to Android users and they can get a wide assortment of options for customization. Third-party launchers are also allowed to add different kinds of additional features to the home screen of the devices such as various types of shortcuts, gestures, as well as low-level settings.    

App Installation    

Apps have become the latest buzz in the town as business organizations are launching apps for smooth operation. Thus, whether you are planning to order food or you want to buy the clothes of the latest trends, apps are the best options. However, it is essential that finding the apps should not become any hassle. The Apple Store is not very user-friendly for browsing. You require downloading every app on the phone or else you require plugging the same into the iTunes for better synchronization.    

However, with the latest evolution in the Android Market, and with a bunch of third-party sites such as AppBrain, it is possible to find any cool application, click on the Install button and it is going to be on your phone, the very next time, you choose it. Thus, the installation of apps is really easy on your Android phones, in comparison to the Apple ones.

Customized ROM and automation    

A wide array of third-party apps is available in the market that provides advanced features on the Android. As the operating system happens to be an open-source one, people can take the same, tweak it and install their version. It is possible to tweak the Android experience with a little limit.   Launchers provide a wide assortment of system-level tweaks and it is hard to find the same on any other platform. Thus, it can be put within the reach of the user easily. Whether it is the tweak which boosts the speed of the phone or any other features such as FM radio, custom ROMs are the best benefit of Android phones, which is lacking in iPhones. 

Custom Roms

Tasker is regarded as one of the most useful and immense powerful Android application. It is essentially an automation program by which you can turn your smartphone into a superphone. It is possible to turn the settings on and off for specific applications via different parameters such as time of the day, location, and a bunch of several conditions.     As the right commands are in place, Tasker is capable of getting access to the darkest and deepest setting, present on your Android handset, which cannot be done on any other platform. However, this specific feature is not present in iPhones.  It is known to all that iPhones have a separate fan base. However, the plethora of features, that come with Android, make them the most popular choice in the market.   

Here are the top 10 Awesome Android Features       

  • 1 Night Mode feature in Cameras
  • 2 Doze
  • 3 Multi-user Mode 
  • 4 Universal chargers 
  • 5 The Google Play Store   
  • 6 User serviceable battery   
  • 7 Multitasking and Widgets    
  • 8 App Installation  
  • 9 Customized ROM and automation 
  • 10 Expandable Memory


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