We are living in a technological world where different inventions and innovations are taking place all day long. Different brands are inventing new devices with new features at large. Samsung is among the famous companies in the world-renown with its excellent products.

Samsung has plans to release a new brand Galaxy Book Flex laptop soonest to replace its old versions, the Notebook 9 Pen models.

There are a lot of changes that have been made to this laptop both outside and inside at large. Numerous features have been packed in this new machine, as well as a unique design that has seen the models getting in line with the design language that was introduced with the old version Notebook 9 Pro earlier the year.

Samsung has, for quite sometime now been in this industry but kept always failing to develop its PC division as it had done to the mobile phones. With the invention of Galaxy Books Flex, it’s a clear indication that this giant brand seriously takes computing.

Comprehensive details about Galaxy Books Flex aren’t out, but there are hints about its expectations in the market at large.

Herein you will learn more about the different features of the Galaxy Books Flex, its price, and also release dates as we plan to welcome it in the industry.

This model has been designed majorly for individuals who have long yearned for the most significant and latest technology to provide them with sufficient knowledge of achieving more in the computing industry. This model is capable of handling any task that seems demanding you might feed it to do. This is right from sketching the modern artistic creation to the perfection of the trending line of code.

Galaxy Book Flex is the first Samsung laptop that will employ the QLED displays. The company has turned to apply QLED on the high-end flat-screen TVs it produces — designed to be brighter than the older versions regularly using up to 400 nits and its unique outdoor mode feature. The laptop will display content in numerous colors than the older variants.

The Galaxy Book Flex laptop features the latest Intel 10th generation chip. Well equipped with 10nm Ice Lake processors based behind the older version architecture. They come in different sizes ranging between 13-15 inches certified as part of the Project Athena program for Intel. What does this mean? Users can get up a real-world battery life of up to nine hours.

Another feature of this new Samsung product is the inclusion of modern style Wireless PowerShare touchpad. Quite a great deal as it doubles up Qi wireless full-fledged charger to any device that charges wirelessly. As you see, this is an odd feature, and its usage is not simple as you may think about.

Galaxy flex book

For it to function, users need to first enable the wireless charging mode with a combination of the keyboard keys. Additionally, the touchpad can’t be used at all when charging the gadget, and thus your laptop’s functionality is limited unless otherwise, you use an external mouse.

Almost all laptops in the market are of metal bodies at large; however, to the new Samsung brand Galaxy Book Flex laptop, the glass trackpad was used to make it stand out from the rest.

Users now have an option to charge their Galaxy Watch AirPods or Active 2. Users will have peace of mind even at the unfamiliar places with the help of the Galaxy Book Flex’s built-in biometric credentialing that has been powered by the famous Window Hello.

This machine has been designed with such powerful drawing and writing experiences with the help of its optimized Surface Pen applications. For the first time in the technological world, many people will have access to the advancing expansive PENUP community on the laptop. It’s an excellent feature that will allow creating and sharing all you have with the people you need.

The price of The Galaxy Book Flex and its availability

Most people have gone on social media asking about the price of this big machine, but they haven’t yet gotten a clear answer. The truth is that Samsung is yet to disclose the price of this newly invented laptop. At the moment, there is no idea of how much they will cost at large.

However, after several briefings by the company, people have been asked to stay patient and expect something of a similar range to the old versioned Notebook 9 pen laptop. With this, you would have gotten a hint that a 15.6-inch machine will cost at around $ 1,599 and a 13.3 inch one at about $ 1,399 for a start.

The Galaxy Book Flex model laptop specifications

  • Intel Ice Lake Processors of 10th generation
  • 1080p QLED touchscreens
  • LPDDR4x memory RAM of up to 16GB
  • NVMe Flash storage of as much as 1TB
  • 720p HD webcams and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity
  • S Pen built into a frame to allow for easy charging and storing.
  • Designed with fingerprint keyboard readers
  • Has one USB-C 3.1 port
  • Equipped with an audio jack
  • Comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Has space for a MicroSD card reader
  • Unlike other models, the 15.6-inch ones come with an optional graphics Nvidia MX250 support.
  • The laptop will house a 69.7 Whr battery to offer users dedicated graphics considering its larger screen.

The design and feel of this laptop

The new laptop model will bring back the royal neat Samsung blue color seen in the older versions. A feature that makes it a stand out from the greys and silver-colored laptops at large. Thee sides of the Galaxy Book Flex are surrounded by edges that are chrome chamfered where its hard connections make to reside.

A look at its square design

The Galaxy Book Flex has a fantastic squire design. Thus, bringing to an end the old versioned models with rounded corners that most Samsung laptops had. This is a clear indication of where Samsung is leading its innovations to get them to stand out the best of the best in the market. The Notebook 9 naming of the old versioned laptops dropped to pave the way for the stronger upcoming brands like this.

The dimensions of the laptop

The 15.6-inch machine is slightly much thicker as compared to the 13.3 inch model at large. It measures 14.9mm thin and weighs at around 1.57kg. On the other hand, the 13.3inch machine weighs 1.15kg, and it is of 12.9mm thin.

To add on this, it’s amicable that the new Galaxy Book Flex laptop has a 360-degree hinge turn and an S Pen design at large. Most people don’t like the convertible laptop options; however, they will stay okay with the hinge the laptop has. The hinge lets you feel sturdy enough, but then, the tent mode can be quite tricky, somehow using beyond watching movies due to lack of rubber on the lid of the laptop.

The S Pen

galaxy flex book S pen

Among the best feature that will make the machine best among the market 2 in 1 laptop is the implementation of the S Pen. The low-touch and lightweight stylus of the Galaxy Book Flex laptop may lack Microsoft’s Surface Pen hefty. However, it has the best software implementation value and also turns out to be more portable at large. You will also see how the stylus displays a lot of pressure sensitivity.

Laptop sensitivity

Users should expect less sensitive keyboard for this laptop, more forceful and squishy in making feedbacks when getting back to the default state. This is not such the right experience for a model of such a price. An added feature we should appreciate about this model is the inclusion of keyboard fingerprint reader in the laptop keys. Galaxy Book Flex is an odd placement, and thinking about it makes more sense.

The touchpad

The touchpad of this machine is something that we should appreciate. The touchpad has a nice, accurate, and smooth glass, and the surface has doubled as a wireless charging station. This is a brilliantly working feature that no other brand that offers.

However, the feature is functional when not actively using either the phone or laptop. It’s not something easy as getting you out from the phone or laptop is a rare scenario these days.

The display

In this case, the Galaxy Book Flex laptop has emerged to be the first-ever model that employs the QLED technology. This is a technology that is used by Samsung’s top-end laptops and TV screens. It will stand to be the most vibrant laptop display around. The s laptop has a sharper resolution making the displays even better.

On the QLED panel, numerous color displays are pleasing the digital artists at large. However, a big worry is if The Galaxy Book Flex laptop pixel technology alone will make other laptop versions and tablet users with stronger graphics power and robust styluses to pull in for this version.

If the pixel technology doesn’t work out for these users, the legibility of this model in any lighting condition promising brightness of up to 600 nits will work. However, this will become a massive blow to battery life.

The camera/ Mic of this new generation laptop are somethings we should not avoid. Designed with a 720p HD / the dual array Mic producing the best photo shoots you can admire. For the audio part, it has AKG Stereo speakers coming along with smart amp for the best audio experience at large. Get it and try it out today.

Performance of Galaxy Book Flex

Listing anything more than users’ expectations of how it performs is difficult indeed. However, everything with this new giant in the market is well known. Samsung’s storied 14 nm process has brought down to 10nm by the Intel Ice Lake. What does this mean? It is a clear indication of more transistors aligned at a similar die.

This implies better performance for this machine with a similar power draw. We should not judge anything about how this machine performs by the previous tests of tablets and laptops that runs the latest silicon Intel. But then, the promised Ice Lake gains of its battery are not seen, not on the Surface Pro 7; however, a lot of this falls basis on the firmware and also more of the available advanced hardware.

Users need to expect the promised all-day-long battery life usage of this laptop and performance that will get through different workloads that are multi-faceted.

The release date of the Galaxy Book Flex

Samsung hasn’t disclosed the specific release date of this giant into the market. However, on different sitting briefings, it’s hinted that the machine will be available in the market from December 2019. The precise location for the release of this model and its exact date is not yet out.


Much appreciation should go to the builders of this modern line of the laptop with numerous features. Sure, no other laptop in the market can claim The Galaxy Book Flex features and branding at large. More emphasis at Galaxy Book Flex’s QLED displays of high laptop sky brightness is something to talk about. The display is an important feature, and Galaxy Book Flex stands out among the best options to consider.

Appreciations should also go to the implementation of the wireless charging feature that we haven’t ever seen. Even if its use cases are limited incredibly, it’s a great feature we can enjoy. It would have worked better if the keyboard deck or glass lid gets implemented somewhere, but now, let’s take as it is, doing it only on the glass surfaces is the way. People are likely to employ this feature only whenever they are stuck sharing a single charger, or there is no USB-C cord so that the phone gets charged.

Saying much about something you haven’t seen is difficult. We have no idea on the exact release dates and the price it will cost. However, you need to be optimistic about the new evolution for Samsung Galaxy Book Flex laptops.