CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a trade show that is held in Las Vegas every January, revolving on the latest innovations in the field of consumer electronics. CES 2020 took place on January fifth to ten and saw some great companies unveiling great electronic innovations.

Sony was one of the biggest names in the business that grabbed the headlines of the trade show when showing off their latest products. Nobody saw this coming.

Sony in CES 2020, rolled out immersive audio, affordable 8K TVs, PS5 logo, and an electric concept car known as the Sony Vision-S. This article exclusively reviews the SONY at CES 2020 trade show innovations.

Sony Vision-S Electric Car

After many years of encouraging car manufacturers to come up with virtual concept cars, Sony has finally related its own. Sony sparked high speculations that it is getting into the automobile market by unveiling an excellent, well-designed prototype electric car at the CES 2020.

The Vision-S is a sleek four-seat sedan that served only for Sony automotive technology showcasing, although it looked ready for production.

The prototype car incorporates various sensing and imaging technologies that assist in improving autonomous driving. Its highly advanced electronics comes up with a one of a kind vehicle entertainment experience.


The car features touch screens in the middle and front of the passenger seat display. Here the driver and passenger can access the car media controls such as Sony licensed music, Sony-owned movies, a games tab, and vehicle settings.

The back-seat passengers were not left behind in this amazing experience. Each of them has their own seatback touchscreens. The Vision-S is outfitted with quality and high-end sound equipment such as speakers in every headrest, making it possible for each passenger to watch different things at the same time.

Another concept that Sony used in Vision-S great innovation is the use of more than ten Sony image sensors that are embedded throughout the vehicle.

According to the company, camera sensors may be beneficial components in cars, especially cars with full self-driving functionality or advanced driver assistance features.

The company has used the image sensors to advance the side-view cameras of the Vision-S instead of the traditional side mirrors.

Sony has used small bits of modern technology to come up with this static concept vehicle. Rather than having the concept on paper, the company saw the best way of challenging and proving the automakers and other players of the electronic industry is to accept the challenge of building a functional electric car.

According to Yuhei Yabe, the Sony corporation general manager, they began to learn a lot in terms of the vehicle’s architecture and how their other technologies would be implemented in the car during the process of building the prototype.

The final Vision-S engineering work resulted in a car that has impressive specs for the first attempt. The vehicle features a top speed of 149 miles per hour and can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than five seconds courtesy of the two 200kW motors.

Sony specifically gives thanks to Magna Steyr for helping out in designing the Vision-S concept. Magna is the engineering firm that manufactures several luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz G-class, BMW Z4, Toyota Supra, and Jaguar I-Pace.

Car manufacturing at any scale features a grueling business. However, it requires a lot of work and even more cash investment. It is hence somehow a good thing that Sony has no plans of making Vision-S cars even if most people ended up walking away from the CES 2020 wanting the Sony car. Magna helped out in connecting the Sony creative input with the automotive requirements for both the exterior and interior design.

PlayStation 5 logo

Also, the list of Sony at CES is PlayStation, where the company got to display the new logo for the PS5 console that will arrive later in the year.

According to Sony, they have already sold more than a hundred and six million PS4 units along with the PlayStation Network, reaching about 103 million active users. PS4 also boosted other excellent statistics, including the sale of over one billion PS4 games and an increase of PlayStation plus subscribers to about 39 million.

Sony-PS5-Logo-CES 2020

With the success of PlayStation 4, Sony expects the upcoming PS5 to be received overwhelmingly. Sony also featured a proposal on new video experiences that improve the excitement of the sport via Al-based Real-time Video Analytics.

Virtual Production Technology Using 3D Volumetric Capture

Sony at CES 2020 also featured a virtual production set that aims at transforming how TV shows and motion pictures are created.

This set has been captured from Sony pictures studio as photo-realistic volumetric data and is shown on a Crystal LED display as a background image. The background changes with the camera movements in Realtime, making sure that the final image has the correct depth and perspective.



The new series features X-motion Clarity that draws clear, fast-moving images while maintaining an excellent level of brightness. It will give you an experience of high-quality pictures and sound that makes the difference on a large screen. The Tv allows quick access to an array of content and services via Android 9 with the new Ambient Optimisation improving the sound and picture quality in any environment.

8K LCD TV “Z8H” series

8K LCD TV "Z8H" series

Featuring the proprietary technologies found previously in the SONY BRAVIA Master series, this Tv series has been improved to offer stunning picture quality. It features the Sony new Frame Tweeter, which provides a sound-from-picture reality experience and the best in class picture processor X1 while maintaining a slim and sleek design.

The unique backlit remote will enable the customers to enjoy their watching experience even in dark environments.

X95H 4K LED TV 55, 65, 75″

Sony showcased one of their best sound and picture quality TV at the CES 2020. The TV features an expansion of the X-Wide Angle technology giving real-world and more vivid colors from any angle. The LED TV has more brightness as compared to the others and also comes with a new shaped speaker unit, the X-Balanced speaker. Also featured in the Sony at CES 2020 is X90H 4K LED TV and the X80H 4K TV.


Sony asserted its place as one of the top players in the electronics industry throughout the years at the CES 2020. The company believes that creativity is a powerful driving force that keeps driving it forward, and when combined with technology, it becomes unstoppable. Sony has lived up to its commitment to producing high-quality products that have a positive impact on society, as witnessed in this year’s CES trade show.