Is there going to be a Samsung Galaxy S11 model?

Yes, and it will be available in both the S11 and S11+ models. The rumor mill began back in July of this year. As the months have passed, we’ve gleaned some additional details regarding what to expect from S11.

Although it’s still a bit early to fully understand what to expect from S11 in terms of its final appearance and features. Some rumors have given us the necessary information regarding the upcoming model. So, let’s get into it!

When will the Galaxy S11 be Released?

If previous model releases are any indication as to when the S11 will drop. We’re probably looking at a date early in the first quarter of 2020. The S10 and previous models of the Galaxy were released early to mid-February of prior years. Although Samsung did not officially announce the release date yet.

What will the pricing of Samsung Galaxy S11?

As with every new phone release, it’s merely speculation when it comes to the pricing and design of the S11 until we see it. If we compare it to previous models, the price point for the S11 will be in line with those of the Galaxy S10.

For the S10, prices began at

  • $750 for the S10e
  • $899 for the S10 with a larger display
  • $999 for the Galaxy S10 Plus

These prices were for the 128 GB model. Also, remember that these phones were for 4G connectivity. There have also been Galaxy S11 rumors that a cheaper, Galaxy S11 Lite model will be released; however, this is likely only going to drop for European and Asian marketplace customers.

With the price point, it’s also important to note that the S11 is going to incorporate 5G. Therefore, we aren’t sure how this might impact (increase) the starting price point for the Galaxy S11 models, versus its predecessor. We believe they’ll be in line with the 128 GB S10 models. However, an increase in the entry-level price for these phones might increase because of the 5G connectivity.

What Can We Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S11 Might Feature?

To date, we’ve seen many speculations and rumors. The camera and design of the S11 are going to truly distinguish the phone from previous Galaxy models, and other phones in the Samsung family. We’re expecting the camera quality of the S11 will trump that of the S10, which was underwhelming.

Design Details: What we’ll Possibly See in the S11 Series

So, given the Galaxy S11 rumors we’ve seen to date, there are some pretty impressive features the company has hinted. Some of these include

1) 5G and AI (artificially intelligent) features are likely to pop up in the latest model of the Galaxy

2) The phone will be available in: blue, pink, white, and black

3) Storage options will range from 128 GB to a max 1 TB storage capacity

4) Possible Face, ID-features (similar to Apple Face ID and Google’s Face Unlock)

5) Improved, in-display fingerprint sensors

6) There will be no headphone jack. Samsung has ditched it for the USB-C, meaning users will have to go with wireless headphones with this model.

Rumors regarding the camera also suggest that the S11 will feature a 5X optical zoom, 108 MP camera. This is a feature that will be welcome by those who are looking for an upgrade in this area from the previous model.

The Operating System, the Battery Life, and 5G Capabilities

Samsung Galaxy S11 will run on the latest OneUI 2 which is based on Android 10. All the latest models may have integrated a 5G chip. Therefore, early rumors and reports indicate that the S11 is going to incorporate 5G internet connectivity capabilities.

With the new combined chip, higher power efficiency and battery life, are likely to be noticed in the S11 model as well. With only one chip in the phone, Samsung can also streamline the design to further distinguish the S11 from the S10, and prior models of this flagship phone.

As of right now, this is the Snapdragon 865; however, the Qualcomm team typically waits until early in December to announce new names/models of their products, so this might change within the next couple of months as well. Regardless of the name, you can expect that the S11 is going to integrate the latest soc available from Qualcomm when the phone drops next year.

As highlighted above, the inclusion of only one chip (5G integrated), will significantly increase power and battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S11 model as well.

Samsung-galaxy S11 rumors

Early rumors indicate that the Samsung S11 can have a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, which is a considerable jump from the 3400 mAh, which was present in the Samsung S10 phone series. And, it’s possible that the S11+ (Plus) might contain a battery which is as powerful as 5000 mAh to power it. If that’s the case, this is a higher capacity than any other flagship smartphone on the market today. This will be a huge improvement and selling point for those who are always on the go and need a phone which can keep up with their busy lifestyle without having to recharge it frequently.

The Primary Updates from the S10 to the Galaxy S11 (so far)

Okay, so you know there’s a new release, slated for February 2020. We’ve gone through some of the possible features, design, and OS. But, what are the primary differences between the S10 and the Galaxy S11?

7) The camera will see a significant improvement

8) Battery power is going to increase mightily (the 5000 mAh – if the rumor is true – will be the most powerful battery in any flagship phone when it drops)

9) Possible facial recognition features and unlocks features are slated for the phone’s release

10) 5G will be integrated (not optional)

11) Possible artificial intelligence (AI) features will be integrated into the S11 as well

Bear in mind, this is all speculation and based upon Galaxy S11 rumors to date. So, we’re still awaiting the final announcement for the release date with the full list of features to drop from Samsung. Until then, it’s always fun speculating what we might see in the latest S11 model.

Should you Upgrade from S10 to the Galaxy S11?

Is it worth upgrading, and possibly paying more for the phone?

We believe it is worth the upgrade if, for no other reason, the integrated 5G chip will ensure faster connectivity from virtually anywhere. Plus, the upgrade in battery power and spectacular improvement in camera quality are a few key selling points. Plus, if you’re one of those people who always need the latest phone, it’s obvious you’re going to make the transition.

For those who us who’ve been listening and reading the Galaxy S11 rumors as they’ve been dropped, we anticipate the latest model is going to deliver on many fronts.

If you’re always looking for the newest model phone, and are ready for the new Samsung S11, a launch date of mid-February is most likely when the phone will hit the market, if previous annual release dates for new Samsung phones are any indication. So, let’s wait and see, but the Galaxy S11 rumors are promising for those who are ready for an upgrade from their S10 model.