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Right now the two hugely popular phone companies, namely, Huawei and Samsung have been involved in a foldable phone competition out there. These 2 phone manufacturers have introduced their recent devices on the market which happen to be the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. In this article, we will mention some essential facts on Huawei Mate X vs. Galaxy Fold that will help us to understand which one, Huawei Mate X or Galaxy Fold, is better. So let us not waste time and delve deeper into this comparison.


First, we will be talking about design. Although both these devices are foldable products, their differences are apparently visible.

Galaxy fold design

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold is somewhat rectangular in shape and tends to fold inwards, it has also a third screen at the back. On the contrary, the Huawei Mate X is square in shape and tends to fold outwards implying that the screen is going to be exposed at all times.

Both these phones come with a perceptible crease which you will also feel while using them in the tablet mode; it is more apparent while using the Huawei Mate X whatsoever.

Although both these gadgets can likewise run more than one app at the same time on the screen, they will appear somewhat narrow on the product from Huawei thanks to the screen which is square in shape. Both these mobiles are comparatively thicker while folded up.

In terms of phone calls, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to default automatically to the loudspeaker in case you like to talk with your buddy on the phone while it is still unfolded.

Mate x Design

If you like to have a private conversation, all you need will be to fold up the phone such that it is possible to put the speaker close to your ear. This facility will not be available with the Huawei Mate X whatsoever.

Here we like to also mention that both these gadgets are quite vulnerable to scratching because of their plastic screens. This is definitely a sort of downside when it comes to these otherwise astounding smartphones.


Next, we will talk about the screens of these 2 recently launched products on the market. While extended, the Galaxy Fold will present you with a 7.3 inches OLED screen along with a 2152 x 1536 resolution. While you unfold the Huawei Mate X, you will be getting an 8-inch OLED panel featuring a resolution of 2480 x 2200 which is definitely sharper as compared to its counterpart.

Huawei Mate x Screen

While folded up, these 2 gadgets provide a significant contrast in the screens. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold presents a single and compact 4.6-inch panel along with HD+ resolution, you will be getting 2 screens due to the way in which the Huawei Mate X folds – a 6.4-inches screen with 2480 x 982 resolution at the rear part of the unit and a 6.6-inches display face in the front with a resolution of 2480 x 1148. You will find the rear panel to be quite handy and you can also use it in the form of a mirror while capturing a photo or with the cameras of the Mate X. This will help your subjects to see what exactly they appear like.

Here we like to mention that there is a minor gap in between the rear plus the front covers of the Samsung Galaxy Fold while you are folding it up. On the contrary, the screens of the Huawei product are positioned flat against each other mainly because of a handle which likewise houses the cameras and circuits of the phone.

The external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is quite compact in size when you compare it to the in-demand smartphones right now on the market. Incidentally, most of these phones feature a large screen of either 6 inches or even more. Since the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is quite narrow, you might find it somewhat difficult to type on.

It is a different picture when it comes to opening up the Fold. You get plenty of room for yourself thanks to the revolutionary 7.3-inches screen and here you can do anything from watching videos, playing games, and so on.


In both these devices, the cameras have been borrowed from the previous versions introduced on the market by their respective manufacturers. While there is not much difference in the setup between the Galaxy Fold and the S10, the same can be said when it comes to Huawei Mate X and the P30 Pro.

However, the Mate X comes with a huge downside and it is the fact that it does not consist of the selfie camera of the P30. As a matter of fact, it does not feature any front-facing cam whatsoever. On the contrary, it is imperative to fold up the phone and turn it around such that your image is visible on the smaller screen.

As compared to a regular selfie camera, it is not that convenient out there; however, you will find a selfie cam with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. For this reason, you might find it more convenient to use the Galaxy Fold at times rather than the Mate X.


The product from Samsung is more inexpensive, unlike the Huawei Mate X. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs approximately $1980 when it comes to the regular version, any version featuring the innovative 5G connection that might be launched matter will likely be pricier.

On the other hand, the price of the Huawei Mate X is going to be $2600 and the good thing is that 5G connection will be automatically featured by this smartphone.


It is natural for the bigger gadgets to need larger batteries for functioning smoothly, and these 2 phones mentioned here have also included bigger batteries to help the products function effectively. Right now, both the companies are trying to go for dual batteries for providing more power to the gadgets.

Larger batteries are supported by the Mate X while both of its power packs combine together to produce a power source of 4500 mAh. On the contrary, the Galaxy Fold provides a battery with 4,380 mAh.

Samsung wants this product to stay ahead in the competition by making it support Wireless PowerShare which will allow you to charge almost any Qi-enabled gadget wirelessly simply by positioning it at the rear part of the Fold.

Huawei is trying its best to counteract this with the help of a quick-charging feature for its product which will provide the phone with as much as 85% power with only a 30-minutes charging.


The Samsung product operates on a remarkable Snapdragon 855 processor which is also responsible for powering the innovative Galaxy S10 flagships. The Galaxy Fold features 12 GB RAM which definitely helps to boost its power significantly. Interestingly, it is the identical amount of memory which you’ll be getting if you purchase the priciest version of the S10 Plus series. It will also get storage of as much as 512 GB although it lacks a microSD slot for appending more capacity in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X

Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Fold likewise is second to none when it comes to the graphics and there is not much lag while operating multiple apps simultaneously. However, there can be some sort of delay while recognizing the screen taps whatsoever.

On the other hand, the Mate X derives its power from its own chipset. At present, the company is making use of a cutting-edge Kirin 980 processor which comes along with a Balong 5000 modem for providing 5G connection. Similar to its competitor, this device will also have a storage capacity of 512 GB although here it will be possible to include as much as 256 GB by means of microSD. However, as compared to the Fold, Huawei Mate X comes with only 8 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Pros

  • There is better protection for the tablet screen
  • Comparatively inexpensive

Samsung Galaxy Fold Cons

  • Bezels on the tablet screen
  • Makes use of a compact screen and yet comes with a pretty lengthy phone mode
  • Tends to be thick and heavy

Huawei Mate X Pros

  • Thin phone mode and tablet mode
  • Sophisticated design
  • Genuine edge to edge display in either mode

Huawei Mate X Cons

  • Expensive
  • There is not much protection for the tablet screen


In case we look at the overall appearance of these 2 phones and compare their positive and negative aspects, it will be apparent that the Huawei Mate X is the better of these two. However, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not far behind. The main thing we like about the Huawei product is its sleek and thin design as compared to the Galaxy Fold which is rather thick and heavy. Moreover, if you are thinking regarding the price then we like to remind you that the price of the Samsung device happens to be almost $1980 for the standard version while that of the Mate X is $2600 out there. Hopefully, this article will help you to make your own decision regarding which one should you go for, Huawei Mate X or Galaxy Fold.

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