From aspirational to practical, Samsung had a lot to share at CES 2020.

Samsung is among the biggest tech companies in the universe, so it is not a surprise that it usually has an outstanding presence at CES – the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. From massive product announcements, exceptional press events, and tons of exhibitor desk, the CES is an important and significant event for Samsung.

Samsung at CES 2020 proved itself as a dominating technology company in various areas. They unveiled a lot of products in this year’s event, ranging from artificial humans to high-end smartphones that are budget-friendly.

The company announced ways of making connected devices more attuned and intelligent to what you require.

Samsung is among the giant companies that have been making a significant effort to make all their devices smarter. They embrace the notion that everything around you should be able to work together and communicate. Their target is to make our lives easier, letting us do things like closing our doors when we are away or receive alerts from the refrigerators that we are out of vegetables or milk.

This article includes a summary of Samsung at CES 2020, the announcements made by the company, and why they are significant.

NEON Artificial Humans

In the CES 2020, Samsung announced to release artificial humans. We are familiar with speaking to digital assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, but Samsung says that NEON is artificial humans that are 100 percent visually authentic, like a real human.

Neon samsung CES 2020

Each Neon will have a name and unique personality traits and can understand and speak any language, acquire new skills over time, and are designed to become friends with their owners. They will be able to learn about you as you continuously interact with them, and can evolve.

NEONs will come as future digital avatars, and Samsung imagines that they will be able to undertake the roles of healthcare providers, concierge, and financial advisors. There is much that we don’t understand about NEON artificial humans, and it is currently a marketing hype that does not present anything tangible for us to review.

However, it is an alluring concept that we will be sure to follow and observe where it will go from here.

Ballie Personal Robot

Robots were also popular at CES 2020. Samsung was not left behind in the contribution to the robotic world as they released Ballie – an attractive little robot that is an inclusive companion for your residence.

Ballie robot at samsung CES 2020

The company’s teaser video for the robot shows Ballie performing various things in the house like watching dog videos on the TV when the owner is not around, cleaning up the mess it sees in the house, and more.

Also, the robot can follow the owner around, make audible chirps and chimes when it receives a command, and consist of a camera for keeping an eye on your house when you are not around to make sure everything is alright.

Samsung says that Ballie will take personalized care to higher levels. The small robot reacts to your needs, supports you, and understands you.

However, we do not know when Samsung will release the robot and its price, and like with some of the things that get announced at the CES, there is a likelihood that the robot will never come into the store shelves.

But it is fascinating to see how determined Samsung is with its future robots.

Amazing TVs

When speaking about Samsung, it is often because of the company’s smartwatches or smartphones. As most of you might understand, Samsung also plays a very significant role in the TV world. CES 2020 was an exciting time to observe jaw-dropping televisions from different producers, and Samsung ensured it distinguished itself this year.

The company announced a set of televisions at CES 2020, but the Samsung Q950 was the most impressive one.

You will get the anticipated upper-end features like QLED and 8k technologies, but the most remarkable feature of the Q950 is that it does not have any visible bezels. Technically, there is some bezel that has a 99% screen to body ratio. However, the design of this TV is very sleek. It has a flat back and 15mm width and can stay on your wall totally flat, creating an exceptional viewing experience.

Samsung Q950 QLED TV CES 2020
Samsung Q950

The other impressive television that Samsung announced is the Samsung Sero. The display of the TV can twist vertically, making it an outstanding showcase for videos that have been shot vertically (like Instagram stories and TikTok). Even better, the display rotates according to your smartphone. When you rotate your smartphone to watch a horizontal video, the television turns with it.

Samsung Sero at CES 2020
Samsung Sero

TVs like this are a lot of fun to watch, but there is a high likelihood that you will not be getting one in your house anytime soon. Samsung does not plan to sell both Sero and Q950, but they brought and announced them ant CES 2020 to display to the world what they are capable of. There might come a day when televisions like these are common, but we will not get there without companies like Samsung creating them.

Galaxy Chromebook

f you are a Chromebook enthusiast, Samsung announced its Galaxy Chromebook at CES 2020. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook might be the best Chromebook you have ever seen. It will feature an aluminum body that will have an outstanding red or orange color, tiny bezels, a 4K resolution, and an AMOLED display of 13.3 inches.


It will also feature a big trackpad, a backlit keyboard, and an inbuilt stylus. In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Chromebook is exceptional.

The inside of the Chromebook also consists of impressive features. It has a 1TB storage, 16 or 8GB RAM, and tenth generation intel core i5 processor. For Chromebook enthusiasts who need a powerful machine to get pressing tasks accomplished, this is turning out to be the machine you need.

High-End Smartphones

Samsung at CES 2020 only shared two smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Galaxy S10 Lite. These are the lite variants of the more powerful Note 10 and Galaxy S10 flagships.

Samusng Note 10 lite and S10 lite

Both phones will have spectacular specs that will make them solid smartphones. Although the company did not share the pricing of the phones, they said that they would offer smartphones at accessible prices.

For Samsung, 2020 is a year that starts a new era of technology. The CES 2020 proved that the company is putting more focus on providing personalized technology. The devices they announced will understand you as a person, reducing the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, and changing how people interact with their communities and environments. Their vision is to see an intelligently connected world become a reality.