Most users, having found something wrong with their smartphone, are not in a hurry to contact the store or service, but prefer to find information about the problem on the Internet.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem? Did you try to solve it or you had to go to the service? What to expect from the service? In this article, we will try to answer all these questions. We will tell you about possible problems with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

Apple community feedback

We have taken the information from the official Apple technical support community, where people come to with problems arising from the products of the company. We also analyzed hundreds of topics in various forums on Apple technology and iPhone smartphones in particular. Therefore, only real user experience is collected here.

So, what problems can a user of a newly purchased iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro encounter?

1) Communication problems

Problem Likelihood: Medium

Some users complain of frequent communication problems. Where the iPhone X had a signal, the new iPhone 11 regularly loses it. The Internet connection disappears, or the speed of the mobile Internet is too slow. Others have problems during a conversation. Sometimes you don’t hear the person, and sometimes distortion of the sound appears, or the call suddenly ends.

Is this a defect?

No, Apple does not consider this problem to be a defect and will not replace a smartphone if you have it. As an option to solve the problem, you can try changing the SIM card or switching to another mobile phone operator with the best network coverage quality. The iPhone 11 uses Intel modems, which are often inferior to Qualcomm modems in everything.

But since Apple and Qualcomm had serious disagreements, the new smartphones, like the previous generation, use Intel solutions. For this reason, the quality and stability of the connection of the iPhone 11 may be inferior to the iPhone X

2) Screen issues

Probability of a problem: High

A lot of users note different shades of the screens of the iPhone 11. In particular, the display has more warm colors when compared with previous models. If you look at the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, that use OLED displays, then almost every screen will have a slightly different shade.

When comparing white on the iPhone 11R (IPS matrix) and iPhone 11 Pro / Max (OLED-matrix), the screens of the latter have a pink tint.

But sometimes there is a more serious problem – an uneven color. For such smartphones, one part of the screen has a warm tint, and the other has a cold one. You get a display with color tints. Also, some users notice black spots and stripes in complete darkness on a black background. It is worth clarifying that many OLED screens have a similar problem.

Is this a defect?

No. Neither Apple nor Samsung nor any other company recognizes all these shades, overflows, and irregularities as a defect. It is a feature of AMOLED screens, according to manufacturers. There is a possibility that they will exchange your smartphone in the store during the first days after purchase. Still, it is better to pay attention to this feature just before purchase. An iPhone 11R with an IPS matrix does not have almost all of these problems. But it also has not all the benefits of OLED screens.

3) Glass problems

Likelihood of a problem: Low

iPhone 11 users have begun to complain about scratches and cracks on the glasses that protect the displays of their smartphones. It happens that a crack appears on the screen of a brand new smartphone for no apparent reason. In most cases, the damage described by users appears even with careful use.

It is not what you expect from a smartphone for a thousand dollars. Moreover, even the old tempered glass did not behave this way. Not to mention the modern Corning models made using advanced technologies

Is it a defect?

Of course, in 99.9% of cases, the user is guilty, but sometimes factory defects can also occur. In this case, the stores will not accept your product back. But the service will determine if it is your fault or if the glass burst for reasons beyond your control. Besides, some users have problems with glass cover.

It happens that the oleophobic coating of the screen is not even. Or there are spots on the camera glass that are difficult to remove. If you have a similar problem in the first days after purchase, the service can replace the device. The oleophobic coating has a much longer time of use.

4) Problems with overheating

Likelihood of a problem: High

Many customers report excessive smartphone heating when using or while charging. For example, the user left the message on the Apple support site. He just bought an iPhone 11 Pro, and he used it for a few minutes. The iPhone sides and back were so hot that he could not hold it. Under this message, about 800 people said they had a similar problem with their iPhone 11.

Is this a defect?

In 99% of cases, Apple does not recognize the excessive heating of the device as a defect. An exception may be those cases when there is a problem with the battery (the phone does not hold a charge, charging takes a very long time, etc.). Previous iPhones also got very hot during games and other demanding tasks. Therefore, for many iPhone 11 users, this problem was not a surprise.

5) iPhone 11 problem with the new update

Problem probability: Medium

It seems that Apple smartphones have difficulties with the latest technology. iPhone 11 users complain that they have new problems after iPhone update. In particular, it does not allow sending files using AirDrop, as it belongs to the latest chip. It is responsible for the operation of new Apple smartphones in ultra-wideband format.

Besides, shortly after installing it, users began to complain about problems with RAM management and multitasking. Some customers also told about the loss of mobile communications after the update. But this time, it was not Apple fault for the problems related to the connection problems, but the mobile operator.

Is it a defect?

So far, the manufacturer has not defined the causes of the problem, but Apple is changing these smartphones to new ones. At the same time, some users solved the problem on their own by restoring the firmware from the backup. But for some reason, this method does not work for everyone.

6) Phone assembly issues

Possibility of a problem: Medium

No matter how strange it may sound, one of the most expensive phones on the market has long had assembly problems. You can often find messages of the same type on forums saying that the iPhone makes a crunching or clicking noise when you press on the screen or back panel.

 Here are some messages from the users:

  • My new iPhone 11 Pro Max makes a soft click somewhere in the center of the screen with a soft tap. It is my third iPhone with a similar problem.
  • I hear clicks when I click at the bottom of the screen, near the speakers.

Is this a defect?

It is not a reason to refund the device 14 days after purchase. Therefore, if you find unpleasant noises when you press on the screen or back panel and this sound annoys you, you should either exchange iPhone or return the product shortly after purchase.

7) Screen brightness randomly changes

Likelihood of a problem: Low

Some users report this problem in some apps. The brightness of the screen of the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max changes randomly. We have found on the forums the messages of the following type:

  • Has anyone noticed the blinking screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max? For example, when I view photos or movies. The screen blinks as if the brightness is trying to adapt to the contents on the screen. Auto brightness is turned off, and itโ€™s very frustrating!

By analyzing many messages, you can see the pattern of regularly adjusting screen lightness. This effect appears when viewing a photo in the gallery. The new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max screens can automatically turn on very high brightness when viewing HDR content. In these situations, some devices behave strangely. Most likely, this problem relates to software, and iPhone update can solve in updates.

Other problems

In addition to the problems listed above, there are others, such as:

  • There are problems with playing the music and Bluetooth phone calls (via AirPods or when connected to a car). Sound regularly disappears, cracking noise interferes with playback.
  • Problems with the screen sensor – parts of the display are just not sensitive to touch.

However, the percentage of such defects is too small. Only a few users around the world reported these problems, after which they successfully exchanged their devices for new ones.

After reading this article, it may seem that the iPhone 11 is a very unsuccessful model with a large number of defects. It is not so. Any smartphone has some potential problems.

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