This year, it was expected that OnePlus would launch 3 new smartphones in its OnePlus 8 series, but the company launched only two phones during the launching event. OnePlus 8 Lite was also discussed with OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. It was believed that the company could launch the OnePlus 8 Lite variant under the name OnePlus Z                

Some pictures of this OnePlus Z have been leaked online. The company has not been informed about the launch of this phone yet, but the company can launch it soon in mid of summer.

This article entails all that is known about the eagerly expected for OnePlus Z, including the specification, release date, and the expected price.

OnePlus Z Design and Display

There are chances OnePlus Z will look like its counterpart, OnePlus 8. However, the company is likely to do away with corners in efforts to minimize costs.

One plus body

According to the information so far, OnePlus Z can be given a 6.4-inch OLED display. Under display fingerprint sensor can be given in the phone.

In the place of glass materials and AMOLED panels the company uses in other phones, the maker could opt for an LCD screen as it happens with manufacturers when they want to reduce the cost of phones.

Most likely, the phone will have an OLED display, which comes with a faster 90Hz refresh rate as it happens with the majority of the one Plus products.

OnePlus Z Camera

oneplus Z camera
  • Rumors have it that the phone will have multiple rear cameras just as its counterpart one plus 8. The OnePlus Z might have a primary camera with up to 48 MP, alongside a 16-megapixel ultra-wide one.
  • Rumors also suggest that the phone is most likely to have 12 Megapixel Telephoto cameras. However, no one is sure about the configuration.

Battery & Charging

This phone will get powered by 4000mAh battery which comes with 30 watt fast charging support It is anticipated OnePlus Z will be a close replica of OnePlus 8 in terms of design and display though at an expected lower price.

The maker has been increasing the powering of its new devices lately since 5G connectivity requires high power, but it is big enough to last you for a day.

Other Specifications

Rumors have it that the device will have a less powerful processor than the snapdragon 865 chipset, which usually powers most of the expensive phones. OnePlus Z is likely to have a MediaTek Dimensity 1000 system chip for its processor. It is not a powerful processor, but if it comes with 5G connectivity, then OnePlus Z will join the category of 5G phones going for less than $600.

When will this phone be released?

Typically, the manufacturer of this device takes up to six months between launching the phone and delivering the needed improvements on features such as battery life. However, this may not be the case with OnePlus Z. Leaks indicate the device is going to launch in July 2020.It will be the right period between the makers’ previous release of OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus Z.

 What is the expected Price of OnePlus Z ?

Although there is no certainty of the exact price the phone will sell at, it is likely to be the cheapest option for that brand with an anticipated cost of $399. Seemingly, this is a pocket-friendly device. It is a sure undercut of the prices.

The price speculation comes from a tout a while ago when from some online stores that tried sell out the upcoming phone. However, there could be discrepancies when the products are released with the price expected to fluctuate. Conclusively, we can’t bank on this as the actual price for OnePlus Z phone

Final Thoughts

New models and upgrades of this device will also be launched every year coming from the company. With the help of this new device, the company would like to capture market share in the premium mid-range. However, it is also being said that the OnePlus Z series is being brought after the OnePlus X success.

Irrespective of what the manufacturers decide to surprise us with, it will be more significant if they emphasize the pricing of OnePlus Z. OnePlus can pack a lot of features in just a single phone, but it will be more critical if the company utilizes its capabilities without hiking the cost of the phone.