On January 7, 2020, Oneplus launched its Oneplus Concept Phone in CES, Las Vegas. It was a privilege for us getting a chance to play around with the new phone model.

It’s one of the rare developments that we shall experience in the globe. It comes with improved new technology, and one of its most significant events is on its camera.

In this article, we sample all of the phone’s best traits that make it unique in the market. If you are a fan of Oneplus, reading this article will be an eye-opener to the potential future developments by the company.

The Transitional Rear Camera Screen

Oneplus camera is the center of attraction in this new mobile phone design. The rear camera comes with a unique glass that uses electrical energy to cause tint on the lens. As a result, the camera becomes opaque and disappears.

Oneplus-concept-phone-back at CES 2020

The change happens when the camera is in the sleeping mode. On launching the camera, it takes only 0.7 seconds to turn the screen transparent. That makes the camera visible.

The speed of transition is fast, more than the time it takes for the camera to activate. As a result, it is easy to believe that the process uses zero power as the company claims.

The feature does much more tasks. It allows the phone user to tweak photos’ exposure. You can turn the glass on and off by using the camera’s pro-mode.

The lens can translate to translucent status, and that will allow you to shoot pictures and videos in bright sunlight. Such will be a great achievement for the users and thus making it work as a neutral filter.

According to Xi Zeng, the brand manager, the feature helps to emphasize on the beauty unseen. The camera design is unique as it helps to increase the lens protection from the UV rays. That gives it an upper thumb as it increases the service that your phone will provide you.

Oneplus-concept phone front and back CES

Despite the impressive idea and technology, companies such as Google and Apple continue to send critics. Individuals also continue to critic development. Some claim that it was a development not worth the attention considering Apple developed the obstructive camera bumps in 2019.

The experience that bothered people was the size and thickness of the bumps and not the lens visibility. It appears that these individuals would like it more if Oneplus looked more at the volume rather than the glass. Zeng feels that this development is essential as it embodied his company’s burdenless philosophy. Some of the analyzers do think that the glass design is of minimal importance.

The Papaya Orange Design

Oneplus comes along with an Orange stitched cover with a leather making that covers its back. The development is an inspiration for McLaren. It comes with a PVD-treated alloy of aluminum, a making that makes it shiny and looks gold.

From the look on the cover, many agree that the phone is attractive to many in the eyes. The Papaya Orange, therefore, has a vital role in its existence in the design of the phone. Some analysis, however, critics the idea of saying that it only made the phone looks convenient and relaxed. That is, it had no other purpose being on the phone.

Oneplus Concept Downside

What makes the whole idea of unveiling the new technology is the fact that there are no actual sales. At no chance will you find this phone in the market or for mass production.

Why then would they invest much cash into a launch of something not in the sales?

Most of the companies would do so to maintain the loyalty of their customers. It’s a promise to the customers that the new products might come with such developments. In the future, it’ll be possible to see some of their brands with this technology.

Final Verdict of OnePlus concept phone

There is a lot that we should expect from the analysis of Oneplus camera development. Some of these will be real critics and appreciations. We can, however, agree that the design was the best for the company to start the year.

It is a perfect way to maintain their 2019 customers and even increase the number. The launch is a sign that the company is at work, preparing a new development that will bring a change. As such, they will be able to continue with the control they have in the market.

The rest of the phone is similar to OnePlus 7T Pro