OnePlus 8 and iPhone SE 2020 both are newly launched smartphones from two different platforms.

Both have a similar price tag in India, and both have all the latest internals.

These two phones look different and have different operating systems. In this article, we will compare both of them head to head so that you can decide which one you should buy.


iPhone SE 2020

The company provides you the latest chip in a small form factor. The phone looks dated but performs just like a flagship.

iPhone SE 2020 has an A13 bionic chip with 3 GB ram. The phone is excellent for those who want to buy an Apple phone with less price. On paper, 3GB ram might be a little low in 2020, but iOS 13 optimization is good enough to handle daily tasks with ease.

Chip set and performance

OnePlus 8

Oneplus is known to provide the latest and greatest chipset on their smartphones, and the OnePlus 8 is no different. It comes with Snapdragon 865 with an X55 modem for 5G support. It has 8gb LPDDR 4X ram and can do gaming and daily task with no hiccups. With OnePlus’s clean software and 90 Hz display, you’ll definitely feel the difference between iPhone SE 2020 and OnePlus 8.

Both phones have the latest chipset and can give you similar performance. But along with performance, if you are looking for a bezel-less display with a small punch-hole cutout, then you should go with OnePlus 8. If you want performance and want to get yourself in the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone SE 2020 is the cheapest option available.

You can’t really decide the better phone based on their performances. Both phones have everything that is required for a high-end user. OnePlus is just a notch higher and futureproof because of 5G support.


iPhone SE 2020 

The phone looks outdated for sure. iPhone SE 2020 has enormous bezels and a small 4.7 inches 720p retina IPS LCD. Screen to body ration of iPhone SE 2020 is 65.4%.and it weighs 148gm. This may be the tiny phone in 2020, but those who have small hands and don’t really want to use a huge 6.5 inches phone like OnePlus 8 it is an easy recommendation.

Design of iphone SE vs oneplus8

OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 looks futuristic. It has almost no bezels, just a small cutout on the top left for the camera and tiny chin. The phone is also 6.55 inches, but because the phone is curved from both sides, it is comfortable to hold. The phone has an 88.7% screen to body ratio, and 1080p display that makes the phone not too large in hand and content look beautiful as compared to iPhone SE 2020. OnePlus 8 weighs 180gm.

In the design department, OnePlus 8 is a clear winner. You get a beautiful sharp AMOLED curved display for an immersive experience and it looks futuristic. 


iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 has a tiny 1830mAH of battery, and this is one of the worst part of the phone. The phone doesn’t last a day for medium to heavy use. Sure, apple software optimization helps, but if you go too heavy with the phone, you may want to carry a charger.

If you are a regular user and use the phone to do usual daily tasks like making phone calls and surf the internet, the phone may last a day. Also, the phone does support fast charging, but in the box, you only get a 5-watt charger, which may take two hours to charge a phone. The phone support Qi enables wireless charging, which is excellent at this price range.

OnePlus 8 vs iPhone SE battery

OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 is a battery champ. It has a 4000mAH battery and should last a day with ease. This phone also supports fast charging, and you get a fast charger a WARP charger 30T in the box. The phone gets charged from 0 to 68 % in half an hour.

So even if you forget to charge the phone at night, you can quickly charge the phone in the morning. The phone takes 61 minutes to charge fully. OnePlus 8 has no wireless charging support, so that’s something you may have to keep in mind.

The OnePlus 8 has the edge over iPhone SE 2020 for the battery.


iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 has only one 12 MP f/1.8 rear camera. It produces decent pictures. In daylight, you’ll love the camera. It is not as good as an iPhone 11 camera but gets the job done. The phone only lacks in low light as it doesn’t have a low light mode. The video quality is also nice; it can record videos up to 4k 60 fps, and the videos look great even when you shoot it handheld because of the OIS.

The front camera is ok, but at night it struggles a lot. The front camera in iPhone SE 2020 can record 4k30FPS.

Camera of iphone SE vs oneplus 8

OnePlus 8

The OnePus 8 has three cameras at the back.

There is a 48MP Sony IMX 586 primary camera, 12MP wide-angle, and 2 MP macro. You can shoot from a different perspective with this phone. As per the quality, you’ll not be disappointed with the primary camera. It also has a pro mode where you have all the controls like iso, shutter speed, and white balance, and you can decide how you want to capture the movement. The phone also has a night mode. You can achieve good low light images.

The other two cameras, however, are not as great. The macro camera is just 2MP and doesn’t give you sharp images, and at night you can’t really use the macro camera. The wide-angle is useful only in daylight.

The phone can also record at 4K60FPS with a primary and wide-angle camera. You can also switch back and forth in the primary and wide-angle while shooting videos. OnePlus 8 also has portrait mode if this is something you are into. It has proper edge detection. At times it is finicky, but most of the time, you get good software created bokeh effect.

Oneplus 8 has one 18 MP f/2.0 front-facing camera and is decent in good lighting. But at night I didn’t find the selfie enjoyable. Images have a lot of grain at night and not as sharp. Also, the front camera can only record 1080p.

despite having three different cameras, The OnePlus lacks a little bit when you shoot from the primary camera and directly compare it with iPhone SE 2020. OnePlus’s two other cameras can give you more room to do experiments with your shots. The camera is the weakest part of both these phones.

Other Features

The iPhone Se is IP 67 water and dust resistant, which gives you a peace of mind; it also has support for wireless charging. The iPhone is also known for its excellent software support. You may get 4-5 years of the software update and security patches. iPhone is also good when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. If you have a MAC or a watch and AirPods, you will know how seamlessly they are interconnected.

displays of of iphone SE vs oneplus 8

On the other side

Oneplus 8 has one of the best displays. It has a beautiful 1080P 90HZ Fluid Amoled display.

OnePlus 8 supports HDR 10/10+ and also has a JNCD of 0.4. The phone can even go up to 1100 nits of brightness. If you consume the media a lot, this phone is the right choice. OnePlus 8 also come with the best version of android 10, Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is the cleanest and fastest operating system you find on any android phone.

Both phones have unique features, and it all depends up to you which element is more important for you.

My Pick

Nowadays, flagship smartphones give you similar performance. You can’t tell the difference when it comes to the speed of opening an app on or playing a game. Both the phones are great, in my opinion.

price of iphone SE vs oneplus 8

I liked the OneePlus 8 better over the iPhone SE2020 because of the display, which you see most of the time. Both the phones are fast, but one plus is slightly better with the 90Hz display.

Also, the battery in Oneplus is significantly larger than iPhone SE2020 and lasts longer, and on the top of it, Oneplus warp charge 30T is way too fast than iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone has proprietary lighting cable where one plus comes with USB type C.

Price is also a factor. Prices are different in different regions. OnePlus costs $699.99 in North America, and iPhone SE 2020 is just $399.99.