Smartphone has become more of an essential product in the world of today. And to be sincere, many people would instead do without a meal but have a decent phone with them.

If you plan to purchase quality and affordable phone, then here is some information that can help you understand the phone better.

OnePlus company is offering an excellent phone that smartphone buyers are going to love, OnePlus 8 Pro. This phone is the most excellent piece of technology that OnePlus has produced in a lifetime.

This device is in its class. Maybe closer to compete for the market with the latest flagship phones by Google and Samsung and Google. However, there is a catch; it cost hundreds of dollars less: top quality and affordable to be precise.

One Plus 8 Pro specifications

Specs of the OnePlus 8 Pro are complex, being that this is the best phone released in the market by the company. If you compare this phone with Samsung Galaxy S20, it still comes out as the best due to its affordability. We are going to discuss some of the specs that make this device stand out in detail, but first, these are the general specs.

• It has a massive 6.78″ Quad HD AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

• It comes with the Snapdragon 865 as well as the 8-gigabyte or 12 Gigabyte LPDDR5 RAM.

• The internal storage is 128GB or 256GB UFS 3.0 storage There is no SD card slot, but you don’t necessarily need external storage with such a mass internal memory).

• The 4510mAh battery is a decent size, and it has 30W wired and 30W wireless charging.

• The smartphone has Bluetooth is 5.1, WI-Fi 6, and dual stereo speakers.

• It has an alert slider, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and 5G and an IP68 rating.

• It has an excellent four-camera design with a double 48MP shooting experience – full and ultra-wide. Moreover, an 8MP long-focus lens with a 5MP color filter lens. It can shoot in a macro mode, a feature that not phones have.

Now let us go just a little bit in detail and discus particular specs that make this phone stand out as the best in the market.

Top Oneplus 8 pro features

• Display

The display is one of the most beautiful things about this phone. OnePlus company is bringing in an incredible 6.78″ Quad HD Fluid AMOLED display with a rate of 120Hz. It is arguably is the top-spec for any display this year. If you need a high definition phone this year, you should better think of buying this one.

The display has an extreme angle if viewing where even if you move away from the axis, you still get distinct colors. You can use these stunning colors to customize your photos’ experience with Vivid, Natural, or Advanced options in advanced settings.

Additionally, you can choose between QHD and FHD, or 120Hz and 60Hz to run your display as the best alternative options to give you an enjoyable experience.

OnePlus has also introduced other display options that make OnePlus 8 Pro excellent. This phone has adaptive brightness, but it comes with a setting that makes the screen adapts its color depending on your environment. The video color is improving, and smoothing modes also makes it unique, without forgetting day and Night and Reading modes.

The biggest thing that people are discussing the phone is how the OnePlus 8 Pro has a beautiful display. The OnePlus firm is delighted about how they have designed the handset display. It claims that it the best screen you’ll see all year ever see in 2020. While that claim is farfetched, as we are barely in the middle of the year 2020, it’s reasonable to admit that the OnePlus 8 Pro display is one of the best have encountered on any phone so far.

All of this means the screen display looks utterly fantastic. Having a look at the photos, websites display, videos, and even games, you will agree that the OnePlus 8 Pro offers outstanding display angles.

One of the great features is ZEN MODE. It helps you shut your phone temporarily for some minutes, so you don’t use it when you want a little break. The most favorite, though, is a reading mode that squeezes the screen to lessen staring stress while you are going through pages. The display features provided by this device is and very suitable for both Android learners and professiona

FAQS about the display

  • What is fluid 120hz display?

A 120Hz Fluid Display is OnePlus’s new and improved display that will give us smoother playback, a better and more fluid OS navigation experience. This display will also feature a 10-bit color depth, which will allow it to produce a palette of 1.07 billion colors.

  •  What is JNCD ?

JNCD- stands for Just Noticeable Color Differences and is a measurement of the bare minimum color difference a human eye can spot. One plus 8 pro has JNCD of 0.4.

  • Difference between 8 bit colors and 10bit?

10 bit panel can show 1.07 billion  colors and 8 bit panel can only show 16.7 million colors. The difference is nominal but can be seen when compare side by side.


If you have used any OnePlus phone, or maybe the one you are currently using is from the same company, then you can agree that they perform very well. However, this is more than just a modification of any OnePlus you have seen or used in recent years, and that makes it great.

Snapdragon performance chart

With the UFS 3.0 storage as well as LPDDR5 RAM you will surely enjoy using this smartphone. The 120Hz display, as well as the Snapdragon 865, also guarantees that this phone doesn’t disappoint all. It opens applications very quickly and clasps them in memory. It can run any game you install into it. Besides, no, it does not need daily reboots for it to perform well, like many devices out there.

  • What is OnePlus 8 Pro Antutu and Geek Bench score?

OnePlus 8 pro Antutu benchmark is 577417 and geek bench multi core is 3398 and single core is 906.

How fast is Snapdragon 865 from Snapdragon 855   ?

Snapdragon 865 is 25% faster in Performance than SD 855 Processor

  • How fast LPDDR5 from LPDDR4X ?

The LPDDR5 is around 1.5x faster than the LDDR4x . Data transfer speed of the LPDDR5 is 51.2 Gbps and a pin speed of 6,400 Mbps.

  • How fast 3.0 from 2.1 UFS Storage ?

UFS 3.0  read speed is 2100 Mbps, and write speed is  410 Mbps and  UFS 2.1 read speed is  850 Mbps & 250 Mbps for write .

  • How fast wifi 6 from wifi 5 ?

Wifi 6 is 20% faster than wifi 5 in speed , Wi-Fi 6 has the base speed of 1.2Gbps (1200Mbps) per stream and wifi 5 has base speed of  almost (960Mbps ).

How fast Bluetooth 5 from Bluetooth 4 ?

Bluetooth 5.1 is two times faster in data transfer than Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5.1 has a range of 120 meter and however Bluetooth 4 has a range of only 30 meter .

• Software

The software design that is available on the OnePlus 8 Pro is a new improvement on their presently fantastic software from the sister devices like OnePlus 7Pro. This device is Android 10 and OxygenOS 10.5.2, hence the most improved from the company.

Yes, it’s neat and quick and smooth. The software design can match the Android version released by Google, so it comes with a unique internal design. For instance, they are supporting the new Android 10 gestures and have themed everything, mostly like Google’s Android.

One feature you will admire is the various customizable options they give you there. You must like the different sound commands, the few gestures, and some of the Utilities, like programmed reboots. We have several software features than we can’t discuss in detail, but I can tell you for sure, this phone isn’t close to any standard device you have used before.

OnePlus have been doing many development and updates to their devices before, but this stands out to be breathtaking. Remember, they were among the first companies to push an Android 10 update. It is even fantastic that they are maintaining a respectable record with security updates.

• Camera

There is going to be a debate on whether this phone has a better camera than the Galaxy S20. Looking at the OnePlus 8 Pro, you are going to admit that it has a better camera than that of any other device launched recently, and I hope the debate or narrative ends there. It is a fact; the OnePlus 8 Pro has a superior camera than the Galaxy S20.

It has a setup up of 48-megapixel primary shooter at f/1.7, 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle at f/2.2, 8megapixel telephoto at f/2.4, and a 5-megapixel color filter lens. The primary camera and full angle cameras are both exceptional.

This camera does well when creating depth through that f/1.7 lens. Its pixel exchange procedure from 48MP to 12MP retains elegant and genuine colors. The high-resolution ultra-wide doesn’t disappoint like other wide-angle cameras. Its night mode is one of the best features you will probably enjoy using if you like taking good photos at night.

Shooting using this phone is both stress-free and progressive. OnePlus has included all of the automatic methods, like portrait and nightscape. It shoots photos using Ultra Shot HDR. It also offers long exposure shooting, consists of a histogram, it can take precise wide-angle shots and lets you select video footage up to 4K and 60 FPS. The remarkable thing about video functions of the Slow Motion shooting styles, it helps you to take footage at 720p by 480fps or 1080p by 240FPS. It is just amazing.

Yes, this phone brings the best camera experience that OnePlus Company has produced ever. Thanks to the Ultrashort HDR function, this elegantly combines numerous shot frames into one image for the best color, light, and sharpness. For those people who just need to are passionate about shooting the beautiful nature of the world around them, this is the smartphone for you.

• Charging system and battery

This model is the first phone with wireless charging produced by OnePlus company, and they have done very well. There is an input of 30W charging if you make use of this wireless charger, and it is working excellently. It can charge the device to 100% capacity by a one-hour mark.

Oneplus 8 pro Wireless charging

Many wired chargers do not charge a phone that first. This model definitely boasts of the fastest wireless charging across the globe. A major downside to using the 30W wireless charger is that it will not be able to work with your phone when it is in landscape mode as compared to other third-party chargers that are available in the market today.

OnePlus has done a smart optimization work to ensure that the battery life his well kept while still giving the best resolution and fantastic rate of refresh – and if you have a look at the phone, it seems that this is working as planned. Battery run out level at QHD+ and 120Hz is somewhat faster than at the lower setting of the resolution. However, from experience, it is noted that the variance is very low.

If you watch 120 minutes, Full HD video on the device, with maximum screen brightness set to maximum and syncing all the accounts and apps over Wi-Fi with background data on, the phone will lose only 12% of the battery. It has no difference whether you do it at Full HD+ or QHD+ resolutions. It is the worse you can do to a phone under any circumstance, but the 8 Pro still does well in this situation.


The One plus 8 pro features a highly intricate design that is definitely worth mentioning. The most significant difference from late the sister smartphone is that which had pop-up selfie camera is that the eight Pro has an in-screen pinhole camera instead. It is in the top left hand of the display corner.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is the first phone the company has manufactured that is IP68 moisture and dustproof rated. This phone’s volume button is on the left-hand side. The power one is available on the right-hand side. The USB port is Type-C and handles the power and data transfer. And it is positioned on the bottom edge together with the device’s SIM card slot, which, just to mention, supports the 5G sim card.

This phone weighs 180g, and that may not be the lightest smartphone in existence. However, compared to other flagship phones, it is easily portable. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 Pro Max both weigh much higher than this.

• Pricing

OnePlus 8 Pro price is one significant factor that should push anybody to purchase this device. OnePlus 8 Pro is not overpriced. This smartphone comes at an affordable price, given its high-end features.

OnePlus 8 Pro ( 8GB/128GB)£799$899 ₹54,999
OnePlus 8 ( 8GB/128GB) £599$699₹41,999

This phone is merely cheap; it is hundreds of dollars less than competitors are, yet have all of the specs to match and even more.

• Colors

We love it when phone producers become creative with the color choices they offer for their phones. It is an area that the OnePlus organization continues to dominate year in year out. The innovative nature is what we can see in the colors of OnePlus 8 Pro. You can choose from different colors depending on your taste and preference. Here are the colors of this model that you can choose.

• Glacial green


Glacial Green is a gorgeous color for the OnePlus8 series of phones. Initially available for the OnePlus8, it is now available in the latest model. The minty green finish is beautiful to have a glance at and provides the phone with a unique style without going ultimately overboard. Continuing with the positives, Glacial Green is the only color that you can get for both the OnePlus8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

• Ultramarine Blue


Just in case the glacial green isn’t attractive to your eyes, you may be more interested in Ultramarine Blue. It also has a beautiful gloss finish but has an extreme blue color that has never been as a color design of any phone. This color is best is for those who love many colors to take in on one phone and also enjoy the blue color.

• Onyx Black

Onyx black oneplus 8 pro

Black is natural. Who doesn’t love black at one point? Compared to the other colors, it might look unattractive, but some people just can’t do without black. It reminds me of a friend who always buys black phones. We won’t argue at all that it may not be eye-catching, but for some people, that’s what they prefer. Remember, it is not just black; it is onyx black.

Not everyone loves a colorful smartphone, and for such people, Onyx Black is suitable. It has the same glossy finish and a beautiful glow.

• OnePlus 8 Pro SAR value

The SAR value of OnePlus 8PRO phone is1.15W/Kg

It is good to understand that the SAR value information may differ depending on the source. The values must be correct and well tested by experts. In the US, the government approves a value of less than 1.6 W/Kg.

Final thoughts

One Plus Company has been an underdog for many years. The firm has aimed to make some of the best smartphones in the world. We can agree that they have not disappointed. They just introduced the 8Pro with powerful features and cost less as compared to other devices in its class.

Even though OnePlus has had its problems towards achieving this goal, they have eventually proved to the world that they are in the race for top quality. OnePlus isn’t bowing at the foot of the most significant performers in the trade anymore.

The production of OnePlus 8 Pro is proving to the market that things have changed. The phone is not only affordable but also fast than any other smartphone produced by the company before. Now the company can compete with the likes Samsung at its quality game. The OnePlus 8 Pro is as elegant and dominant as the best devices as any other best flagship device we have seen this year.

It comes with bundles of extra flagship features that the company has never shown before. Wireless charging system and IP68 rating for water resistance are just to mention but a few.