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The OnePlus 7Pro arrived a month ago.
And we all know that this a feature-packed flagship. But at the starting price of $669 or RS48,999, the question is.

Is this a true flagship worthy of this price?
Should you buy the OnePlus 7Pro?


I’ve been using the phone for quite some time now, and while there is a lot to love about, it still it’s not perfect, especially when you consider a higher price tag. Let’s get into details


The glass and metal design is excellent; it’s beautiful and curvy. Plus there this the front which arguably is the biggest highlight of the OnePlus 7Pro and you know what, it lives up to the hype

I’ve been admiring the bezel-less display every single day since I started using this phone. It’s vibrant, color-accurate and super sharp. Since it is bezel-less, the multimedia experience is just fantastic however It’s not perfect. I would’ve liked it to be a little brighter for outdoor scenarios, but apart from that, I love the stunning display.

OnePlus 7Pro design

Stereo speakers complement the multimedia experience, and it’s excellent.
When it comes to the audio quality over Bluetooth earphones, it’s impressive as long as you are listing to the music or watching videos. I’ve used One Plus bullet wireless, and the only problem was latency while playing games. Because of the latency gameplay can suffer a little bit.

Another cool feature of the OnePlus 7Pro display is the higher 90HZ refresh rate. To be honest, the higher refresh rate here would have been great for games, but not many popular games support this. The UI the animation and everything else here feels buttery smooth.

Overall I love how the OnePlus 7Pro looks, this is a beautiful looking smartphone. however, it is a big and hefty phone, and I just can’t use it single-handedly


It has updated cameras on paper, but I am not particularly mind blown by the new triple camera. The phone has received multiple updated that are supposed to improve camera quality on the phone after the update. It managed to take some good shots with good exposure and great dynamic range. In low light the 48-megapixel camera capture photos that are bright and nice but there are times when the camera messes up the colors, so yeah It’s decent but nothing extraordinary. Like most other phones, it also has portrait mode, it has improved lately with the new updates. The edge detection has gotten better, but it still is finicky.

One plus 7 pro display

Also, there is a wide-angle lens that takes some really cool shots with decent colors and details, especially when there is good light, but in low light, it takes photos that are somewhat messy. There is also a telephoto lens that is capable of 3X zoom and well 3x zoom photos look pretty decent. There is no significant loss of detail, and the colors are relatively well preserved.


I’ve been reasonably impressed with the video capabilities of the phone. 4K videos on the phone look crisp and pleasant thanks to OIS on board they are relatively stable too. The 1080 p videos are not as nice looking as 4K videos, but the stability is excellent. So indeed no problem with the video front.
When it comes to selfies, the motorized 16mega-pixel camera takes some outstanding shots. They are sharp and detail, which is nice. In low light, the selfies are not the best, but they are decent.

Camera Conclusion

Cameras on OnePlus 7Pro are good, but they’re not a massive upgrade when compared to OnePlus 6T or even the One Plus 6.


One area Oneplus 7Pro has me totally impressed, it’s the performance and I kind of expected it too. The flagship chipset with lots of RAM and the well-optimized oxygen OS makes the OnePlus7Pro a snappy phone

Antutu score of One Plus 7 Pro

I’ve been using this phone extensively, and it has been a lag-free experience. I’ve played Asphalt 9, Pubg mobile and a lot of other different games on this and the phone handles all of them at max graphics. Now apart from the flagship Snapdragon 855 there is one thing that really makes this phone faster than others, and that’s UFS 3.0storage compared to the UFS 2.1 storage.

As I said, well-optimized oxygen OS is one of the key reasons why one plus phones perform so well year after year. And oxygen OS9.5.7 one the OnePlus 7Pro is no exception. It’s bug-free and brings features like a new native screen recorder, new fanatic mode, new Zen mode which is useful to some and a lot more.


It has a 4000mAh battery, but it also has a higher resolution, higher refresh rate display. So how does the battery perform on OnePlus 7Pro?
Well with the display set to QHD+ and 90HZ the battery life was rather ok. I ended the day at around 10% at my general usage, which includes some gaming, social media, emails, calls, browsing, etc. After setting the resolution to auto and refresh rate to 60 HZ, I didn’t see much of a difference. When it comes to charging it comes with 30Watt warp charger which charges the phone 50% in just 20 minutes


So the highlight of one Plus 7 pro is the new Fluid AMOLED display and the powerful performance. But like I said it’s not a perfect phone. It doesn’t come with IP rating and doesn’t have wireless charging also. It doesn’t have the latest gorilla glass 6. I would have been okay with all of it, but the camera is a little bit disappointing if you see the price.
OnePlus 7Pro is a great phone, but if I am paying 50k for a smartphone, I expect better and more flagship-grade cameras. So coming to the all-important question.

Should you buy the One Plus 7Pro ?

Well if you are okay with the problem that I talked about and you really want the bezel-less design and the 90HZ curved display and the powerful performance you can go for the phone. But if you want to save some money like a whole lot of money you can go for regular One Plus 7 which brings the same chipset the, same UFS 3.0 storage, same primary camera and same software experience at a more value for the money price tag.



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