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Here comes the good news for Microsoft fans across the world. The company has started a new initiative to make phones, yet again! The mercury of excitement is rising high as tech giant is about to make a great come back with their latest, Surface Duo phone. It indeed demoralized millions of users and tech fanatics worldwide when Microsoft ceased their production of phones years ago. Therefore, this news is certainly a breath of fresh air for them.

Microsoft event 2019

The product and the chief’s words

From the name itself, you can guess that the product has two screens that are connected through a hinge. As we spoke to the product chief of Microsoft, Panos Panay, he described the product as an epitome of the industry pushing technology. “In this new Surface duo, you will find the best of Microsoft. Here, we have partnered with Google to obtain the best possible outcome of the Android technology,” Panay said at Microsoft event.

The surprise story

The initiative has come as a surprise to millions of tech enthusiasts who swear by the name of Microsoft brand and its products as the company has completely stopped making phones a few years ago. The company stopped manufacturing phones after its process of buying Nokia for over 7 billion dollars turned into a troubled deal. However, this is a major come back since then. The company authority said that the dual-screen folding display of the phone and the Google Android software will make the gadget very strong. The Surface Duo phone is about to be released next year if everything falls into place.

Development in the laptop scene

Besides announcing the major comeback with the Surface Duo phone, the company has also outlined the updates of its Surface Duo laptop lines. Among them, the Surface Neo laptop is the major highlight. It is a large dual-screen laptop and has been powered by the latest version of the Windows Operating System. The product can be connected to other devices and the keyboard helps smooth functioning. Different applications can also be run in this device very easily. However, like the Surface Duo phone, this Surface Neo laptop will not be launched anytime next year.

The challenges ahead of Surface Duo phone

As we all know that the tech industry is full of surprises and it changes every moment. Though Microsoft has tried to make a solid impact with the announcement of the Surface Duo lines of product, still it should consider other factors as the competition is stiff with varied merchandise coming to the fore. Microsoft gave a great surprise when it announced the 2012 Surface hybrid tablet. Before this, the company had just remained in the field of a software maker. Seven years after this development, the Microsoft Surface Pro is still one of the best selling products of the market. It gives a tough competition to the other brands like Dell, Lenovo, or HP. It is a foldable phone.

The latest from the Microsoft coffer

The next year’s products are about to be launched in due course of time, but this year the company will not fail to satisfy its customers across the planet. The new laptops of this year will be included an update to Surface Pro line, they are equipped with the new Ryzen graphics chips as well. The ultraslim Surface Pro X tablet, powered by the custom chip, will ensure high functionality and great strength. The longevity of the battery is also an added feature of this hybrid device.

Now let’s discuss in details all the company products that have been announced already.

Surface Duo

The company is known for its Windows Operating System. With the help and support of Google Android, it is making a foray into the world of smartphones with a lot of promises for its dedicated customers and new clients. In this Surface Duo device, you will get two 5.6 inch displays that are connected to each other. The entire display area can be enhanced to around 8.4 inches. The company officials said that the final changes are being incorporated into the product’s marketing strategy and it will be launched anytime during the holidays next year.

Microsoft surface neo and duo

Surface Neo

This is another wonder of the sphere of computers and technology. Surface Neo comes with dual 9-inch displays and it is one of the slimmest and lightest electronic gadgets one has ever seen. The device weighs around 1.4 pounds. The device has the thinnest LCDs ever created. The screen is attached to 360-degree hinges and the display has over 60 micro coaxial cables. The product reportedly has some other attractive features too but it will not be available to customers anytime in 2020.

Windows 10 X

The Surface Neo laptop will run on Windows 10 X Operating System. This is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system that has been designed and upgraded to cater to the needs of the dual-screen laptops and other electronic gadgets. As we spoke to the company’s program manager for devices and their experiences, Carmen Zlateff, we came to know that Windows 10 X is the newest expression of the Windows 10.

The operating system was being developed and built by the company experts for the past couple of years. “We aim to provide brilliant mobile and laptop creativity and productivity to all our customers in this new technological era. That is why hundreds of our expert engineering engaged themselves in making this cutting edge operating system.

Surface laptop 3

The Surface laptop is another major invention of Microsoft this year. The third-generation Surface laptop will come in two specific sizes. The sizes are 13.5 inches and 15 inches. The prices for these devices will be around $999 and $1199 respectively. This will be one of the finest quality hybrid laptops users of Microsoft have ever used. In both devices, you will get touchscreen displays.

Surface laptop 3

The keyboards are enhanced here. There are trackpads, modular design, and USB-C connections. The specs of the device have been upgraded too. In the third generation Surface laptop, you will get 10th generation quad-core 10nm Intel CPUs and the famous Ryzen graphics chip that has been manufactured by the AMD. The company officials claim that this will be a laptop that is stronger and more efficient than the Macbook Air.

The device will ensure multitasking and enable users to carry them around with minimum worry about battery recharge and other technical hassles.

Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X is a Windows tablet that runs on the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The device has a 13-inch display. You will also get a Surface Slim pen with the device which can be connected to different products through USB ports. The tablet is available on pre-order. You can visit the website of Microsoft to gather more information on the device.

The price of the product will be anything near about $999. It is likely to hit the markets in November. So hold your breath for the smart product which is easy to carry and easier to handle. Users with regular computing, internet, and texting jobs should very more than satisfied with the device.

Surface Pro 7

The latest Surface Pro 7 has got its much-needed makeover. The Intel Core Ice Lake processor of the device has been upgraded 16 GB of RAM and around 1TB SSD capacity. This smart device is also available on pre-order and it has been priced at around $750.

SQI Custom Arm chip

The arm chip has been manufactured by the company in coordination and partnership with Qualcomm. With this SQI chip, you get dedicated circuitry to accelerate the AI software. This software is very essential for major and complex computing tasks that need intensive power. Speech recognition, video, and photo editing and other such tasks can be performed through this software in a time saving and hassle-free manner. The company officials said that the chip is more powerful than the one that was used in the Surface Pro Model.

Surface Earbuds

This is another product in the line of noise-canceling earbuds. This device is easy to carry with no wire attached so that users can keep their hands free. There are not many details about the product but you can pre-order it at just $250.

The brand value of Microsoft

Microsoft has been a prominent name in the industry of computers and technology for years. The company has given us many surprises in terms of its user-friendly, portable and latest technological inventions in varied forms such as phones, the computer, laptops, tablet, operating system, high functioning chips among other such items.

All dedicated Microsoft customers are looking forward to the latest lines of products that are more efficient and equipped with the modern features that the tech world is being introduced too. With Microsoft, you stay on the edge of technology.


If you are also a Microsoft customer or are interested in buying the latest gadgets that have been announced, you should visit the company website on a regular basis to gather more information about the products and their specifications. Consider your budget also. If you are unsure about any of the products or their features, you can always put your queries to the company website and get an ensured reply to your question within a maximum of 48 hours.

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