The year 2020 is a year of new technology. Companies are employing new developments to improve the lives of their customers’ experience. LG is one of these companies. In your household, there are rare chances that you’ll go through your electronic devices and lack something of the LG brand. They serve their customers with a variety of items from fridges, cookers, dishwashers, dry cleaners, TV screens, Mobile phones, to tablets, among many other devices.

If you thought that LG was going out of fashion, that was a mistake. Their presentation at CES 2020 proves that they are in the market to stay. You may be wondering, what does LG have for us this year? If so, worry less and read through this article, and you’ll love what they promise their customers.

Proactive Customer Care Services

Customer care services are vital for maximum customer satisfaction. LG brings in AI-powered customer services in the industry. The new technology sends you timely text messages important on the usage of the LG gadgets. The presentation gives an example of when you are using more detergents in washing your clothes. Under this situation, the system sends you a text on how you should do this and how you can rectify the problem. When you need a technician to attend to any of your LG products, the AI-powered service examines the repair first.

The LG will then call and plan for the right technician to come and do the repair work. The expert sent will come with all the repair materials needed in this case. The company plans that by 2021, the service will be in connection with over a million LG appliances. What other customer service do we aspire to get far from the AI-powered technology? The LG Company nailed it this time.

LG ThinQ Washer and Dryer

LG does also gives us a chance to be the first ones to experience a new generation of laundry. From the presentation, the new design comes connected to their new AI customer services. As a result, they give us the best care for our clothes.


The product can detect both the volume and the weight of the laundry. The design does also features advanced sensors that help the machine to determine the fabric of the clothes. That decreases the chances of destroying the material by a whole 15%. The AI DD does also helps with the detection of the clothes’ softness.

The device does also comes along with a smart pairing characteristic. That creates an automatic operation from the washer to the drier, and therefore, reducing your workload. To add to the new benefits is the LG TwinWash. With this new development, you even stand a chance to save your time. The device combines two washers into a single footprint.

LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator

The Company goes on to proceed up with the best refrigerator designs in the market today. The machine comes along with a slow melt craft ice design. Its operations are smooth, and the design should allow you to operate without much hustle. It’s an excellent design for those living in high-temperature areas.

LG InstaView ThinQ Oven

Cooking is part of human nature, and for women, having the best oven in the kitchen is their dream goal. The oven comes with a view section where you can observe how the cooking of your food is taking place. The operation of the oven is simple. The stove does also comes along with an air fry inside. It allows you to cook with less oil, and therefore, enhances healthy cooking. That shows you how LG cares about your health status.


At LG, they are producing 8 K TVs with better technology, and their quality exceeds the standard requirements. All their TV designs have a CM that exceeds 90%. The models will allow viewers to watch most of the 8K native content. They are also working with social platforms such as YouTube to enable users to stream the 8K content with AV 1.

The Alpha9 Gen3 Al Processor that comes along with AI features and sound-enhancing capabilities. It does also have the capacity to identify sensitive features such as texts and faces between scenes.

The nextgenTV

The development will be the world’s first Internet, protocol-based TV. It brings a union between broadband and broadcast. It gives the local channels a chance to deliver and enhance the quality of pictures. They expect more than 60 US-based stations to be in the interest of the new technology.

The Film Mode

The new launch desires to bring into the world a real cinema experience. Such is what most of the movie directors wished to achieve for years. The filmmaker mode in the LG based new set of devices will enable viewers to view movies the way the directors intended.

The development of this filmmaker mode model featured several directors from Hollywood, such as Christopher Nolan. The film mode is active in all-new 4K and 8K LG TVs. What makes it even better is the Dobly Vision IQ development. LG TVs do also allow you to add Bluetooth speakers as real channels. It gives you a chance to feel like you are in the stadium, and therefore, the experience of the crowd. If you’re a gamer, this gives you a chance to love video games even more.

Premium Designs

LG brings in more than 13 new models this year, with all of them included in premium designs. Among them is the LG Signature Oled R Model. G10 Oled Gallery Series is one of the best in this premium package. It’s 20mm thin without the need for a separation box. It offers the best picture quality. The LG Signature wine seller is also a package in here. It comes with an instant view that allows you to view your wine collections without opening the door. It also has smart sensors at the bottom that lets you open the door without using your hands. It also has a temperature control feature that keeps your drinks preserved.

Final Verdict

What else do you need to know about LG products this 2020? Indeed we can agree that the technology they intend to implement is encouraging and beautiful. Their developments will change the world’s experience of using various electrical appliances. We, therefore, can say LG is the way to go this 2020.