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iQOO is a new smartphone brand in India, and they have recently launched their latest smartphone called iQOO 3. If you are wondering what is with the naming of the phone, let me tell you the full form of iQOO is I quest on and on, and Here are my thoughts on if you should buy the phone.

We will talk about the phone specification and then discuss how exactly it performed according to it.


The iQOO 3 comes with the latest and best snapdragon 865 system on chip(SoC). The higher variant of the phone also has x55 modem built-in for 5G support.

IQOO perfromance

iQOO3 also has the latest LPDDR 5 RAM and UFS 3.1 faster storage. According to the company, the UFS 3.1 storage has read speed of 137.2% as compared to old UFS2.1, and the LPDDR 5 RAM is 25% faster than the previous LPDDR4X.

The phone look beast on paper, and it also delivers. They have a beast mode where the phone shuts down every app and boost the power for gaming. There were few hiccups while browsing through UI.


iQOO 3 comes with a massive 4440mAh battery, which can easily last a day and a half for a regular user. If you play graphics-intensive games, you may want to turn on the monster mode that can give you an extra boost during your gaming session, but it will also drain your battery faster. You may have to charge the phone twice.

The phone has a super flash charge technology that can charge the phone 50% in just 15 minutes. The phone took 56 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%.

Since the phone charges at 55W, The phone did not heat as much while charging. After playing game PUBG mobile and ASPHALT 9 for 20 minutes, the phone went up to 32 degrees.

If you charge the phone while playing the game, the phone may heat up to 41 degrees, which is quite a lot and may damage the battery in the longer run.


The phone comes with a beautiful 6.44″ 1080p Super AMOLED display and has a small cutout on the top right to accommodate the front camera. Viewing angles are good. There were no color shifts on tilting the phone at any angle.

iQOO 3 has a 60Hz refresh panel and has the touch response of 180Hz. You will see a difference while playing games. The phone also goes all the way up to 1200 nits in brightness. The phone should not give you any problem when you go outdoor.


The iQOO 3 has quad cameras at the back and one camera at the front.

It has a 48MP F/1.8 primary camera, a 13MP F/2.2 Ultra Wide, 13MP F/2.4 telephoto, and 2MP F/2.4 Depth sensor. The front camera is 16MP F/2.4.

The camera is not as good as the other flagship brands. Photos from the primary lens in the daylight look good. They have an excellent dynamic range and nice details. The Ultra-wide shots are also decent. The portrait mode is usable but does extra smoothing on your face. Things start falling apart when you take the camera in low light, nither the primary camera nor ultrawide perform well in low light. The front camera is ok but not as great.

iQOO 3 can shoot up to 4k videos at 60fps. It has EIS to stable the videos. Again just like the pictures, the phone performs well in bright daylight, but if you try to shoot videos at night, they aren’t usable at all. 

Other Features of iQOO 3

The phone comes with a couple of other features that you may find useful.

Monster Buttons

The phone has two pressure-sensitive buttons, and iQOO calls them the monster button. They can help you improve your gaming performance.

monster touch in iQoo 3

Monster Mode

The monster mode allows you to boost your CPU and GPU performance and focus on gaming. When you go to the monster mode, the phone changes the user interface and looks like a gaming phone.

Apart from that, iQOO 3 comes with two different colors, the volcano orange and tornado black. I like the volcano orange, it has a matte finish and looks unique. The phone also has an AI button, and the best part is you can map this button to your liking. By default on one press, it opens google assistant and pressing it twice; you’ll get iQOOS very own Zovi assistance. The phone also has an in-display optical fingerprint sensor, and it is fast.

iQOO 3 Pros and Cons


  • Massive 4440 mAh battery
  • 55w fast charging
  • Nice display
  • Nice build quality
  • Headphone jack


  • Laggy unfinished UI
  • Subpar camera
  • 60Hz display at this price point
  • Tiny speaker
  • Tones of bloatware and ads


The phone looks solid on paper, but the software optimization is terrible. It sometimes lags even while going from one app to another. A software update may fix those problems, but as of now, the phone UI doesn’t justify the price. The camera is not up to the mark. If IQOO fixes all these problems, you may think about getting the phone. Right now, there are many other phones at this price you may want to see. If you are looking for a gaming phone you should check how to choose the best gaming smartphone.


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