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The iPhone 12 is the most awaited phone of 2020. Recently Apple launched its budget line up iPhone SE 2020 on April 24th. 

iPhone SE 2020 will not be the last phone by Apple this year, Apple’s high-end device iPhone 12 line up will be unveiled in September 2020.

Samsung and OnePlus both companies have made significant improvements in the camera department already.Now Apple is also focusing on upgrading its camera ,in its newer devices iPhone 12 and 12 Pro series.

iphone 12 pro front and back

The iPhone 12’s design rendition has been leaking for some time. It has been seen in most leaks and concept images that there will be four cameras on the rear panel.But the camera module will be different from other smartphones.

The iPhone 11 series had some significant changes in the camera over iPhone XS,but not in design.Apple is planning to cover up for both design and camera to compete against Samsung.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 has already come in competition with a low budget price segment to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lite and OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Z.

What are the major changes in iPhone 12?

We have lots of leaks and rumours from confirmed sources via tweets and leaked images and schematics.

According to the news leaked by Jon Prosser on social media, Apple will offer four handsets in the iPhone 12 series.

All these handsets will be 5G supported. All iPhone 12 series will have OLED displays. The naming of new iPhones will be iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 series Design Changes

  • iPhone 12 will come with 5.4 inches display & A14 Bionic with latest iOS 14 
  • iPhone12Plus will come with 6.1-inches displays & A14 Bionic with latest iOS 14
  • iPhone 12 Pro will come with 6.1 inches & A14 Bionic with latest iOS 14 
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max will come with 6.7 inches & A14 Bionic with latest iOS 14
  • All iPhone 12 series will have 5G connectivity 
  • iPhone 12 Pro series may come with promotion display with 120Hz refresh rate like iPad Pro.

Body design leaks suggest that iPhone 12 will have a metal frame body, and the rear panel will be made of glass with flatter edges, not rounded like iPhone 11 Series.

As per Bloomberg’s sources claims, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max will have flat stainless-steel edges, sharp, rounded corners with flat screen.

iPhone 12 Series Camera Changes 

As per news leaks by Jon Prosser on social media shows  

  • iPhone 12 and 12 plus has two rear cameras
  • iPhone 12 Pro series can come with three cameras + 1 LiDAR sensor 
iphone 12 camera leaks

All cameras will have 2X improved autofocus capability, improved subject detection in low light.

Low light photography will be the major priority for iPhone 12 Pro series. For low light photos,Apple is improving the Electronic image stabilization in night mode.Also improving slow motion in the dark with the help of larger sensor and software tweaks.

Long exposure segmentation photography like astrophotography have also been improved. LiDAR sensor will be used for more accurate portrait mode photography and videos.

iPhone 12 Series Prices leaks 

John Prosser has posted details on Twitter about iPhone 12 series prices.There are indications that the cost of the iPhone 12 may be lower than the iPhone 11.

  • iPhone 12 -$649
  • iPhone12Plus -$749
  • iPhone 12 Pro -$999
  • iPhone 12Pro Max -$1,099

If Apple releases the new iPhone 12 in the market at this price point.Then Samsung will have to face a challenge. 

iPhone 12 series can give a tough competition to the Samsung’s premium smartphone Galaxy S20 ultra.

iPhone 12 series Face id design leaks

According to Jon Prosser leak source report, Apple is preparing to make major changes in Face ID as well, already small notch with improved face-id modules schematics design leaks have been shared on social networking sites.

iphone 12 pro face-id

The improved face-id will be gaining new capabilities. Some experts believe that the face-id can come with a wide-angle. It will have a new dynamic zoning algorithm for crop some facial features and track those more efficiently.

That means, your face can be detected from any angle. There may be no need to bring the phone near to the face for unlocking.

iPhone 12 series Colors leaks

Max Weinbach claimed that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 12 Pro in new color named Midnight blue, which will be the replacement of Midnight Green color of current iPhone 11 Pro line up. This color will be deep navy-blue color. iPhone 12 series will also available in space Gray, Silver and Gold in colors .

These were some new leaks about the iPhone 12 Series. We’ll keep updating the post as we get more information.


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