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Google Pixel 3a is the latest smartphone from Google, and I think this is one of their best device drops ever. The reason I say that is the Pixel 3a and 3a XL starts at $399(38999INR) and $479(44999INR) respectively and what you are getting for that is actually really nice. As we are well aware, that’s not a price tag we see too often from top tier smartphone manufacturer. Apple has its XR, Samsung has its S10 E, and now Google has its 3a, which is hundreds of dollars less than iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10 E.

Pixel 3 a colors

In order to get this phone to this price-range stuff had to be adjusted, in a nutshell, I like to think of the 3a as the Pixel 3 stripped of its luxuries and only left with the bare essentials in much more palatable price tier. So there’s no glass back that also means no wireless charging, and we left with plastic. Now the plastic here is not cheesy. It is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact, it feels quite substantial, and it’s a very nice feeling matt finish they did an excellent job with this, and I am pretty impressed.

google pixel

The best way to analyze it is still to compare it to its bigger brother, Pixel 3, which is $800(54999INR). They are aesthetically very similar; they even feel pretty much the same. The only place you’re losing out on build quality of Pixel 3a is a lack of wireless charging and no water resistance. But you actually gained a headphone jack. And then the only other main aesthetic difference is the display which is what you’re looking at most of the time. So you are getting slightly thicker bezels on both the top and bottom and the sides, And pixel 3a has a decidedly meh display.


It’s a little bigger than the pixel 3 its a 5.6′ 1080P OLED, but it doesn’t get very bright to the point where it actually can be somewhat tough to see it outdoors. And then even when you’re in typical indoor environments it looks beautiful when you’re staring straight at it, but the off-axis color shift is noticeable, it starts to go cool and a little green earlier than normal. So the display quality is a downgrade, which is a big deal to those who do a lot of photo editing.


The speakers are also a bit cut-off too. So in Pixel 3a, there’re dual front-facing stereo speakers but the downward-firing speaker at the bottom can be easily blocked.

A lot of budget phones or mid-range phones nowadays are still bringing the top high-end specs before they sacrifice with other things. Pixel 3a does not have top high-end specs.
It has SnapDragon 670 the Adriano 615, 4 GB of RAM and so if Pixel 3 already having performance issues, what’s this phone gonna be like?

Pixel 4


It performs just like the pixel 3, meaning it’s okay it gets the job done. You’ll notice it’s not as smooth as the higher end ones and it definitely struggles with RAM management still apps are closing in the background only 4GB of RAM But it just kind of works fine. The games like PUBG and Asphalt runs fine on pixel 3a. It doesn’t lag at all; it’s just not as fast, but it’s not too slow or unusable. It’s just fine.

So this phone also has slower internal storage than other flagships, and I can tell in the speed of opening a lot of bigger apps and bigger files. And one part of the performance of this phone that I can say actually does much better than its older brother, and that is battery life. Because you are only pushing 1080p display and lower power internals and this phone has killed it with battery life.

You’ll get over 5 Hours of the screen on time with the google pixel 3a usually more. This is refreshing because some phones in this budget class to cut down on the battery some don’t this one actually has a physically larger battery than the flagship brothers.


That leaves the last part that Google knows they have on lock
The cameras on the pixel 3a

Pixel 3a camera

So google pixel 3a has the exact same hardware for the single rear camera. The same sensor, the same glass, and everything. On the front, though you go from dual front-facing cameras; one ultra-wide One standard to the single selfie camera. That’s sort of in-between. It’s a little wider than usual, but it’s not the quite the full ultra-wide, so it’s a compromise. Photos from 3a are very detailed and have tonnes of dynamic range and great colors.

Taking pictures with Pixel3a, it’s so easy to forget that it’s $400 phone. Because no other budget phone takes photos anywhere near this good. Especially in more challenging scenarios like shooting directly into the sun or in darker lighting things like that. It’s no question night sight is still on another level.

Now, something else to note the pixel 3a does not have the dedicated image processing chip or pixel visual core that the flagship has. So that means basically it’s processing images on the Snapdragon 670.

There is zero effect on actual final image quality. The only thing you’ll notice for sure is photos take a little longer actually to process after you snap the photo. That’s about it. So overall Pixel 3 images are great, and it’s miles ahead of any other camera of any phone in this price range.

Google pixel 3a specification

Is Pixel 3a worth buying?

Of course, this is gonna be a really good phone at this price for a lot of people. But it’s not as simple as saying that this is a pixel but cheaper, there are little more nuances than that. There are a lot of other competitive phones around at this price now more than ever. before you have that Asus 6Z that just came out at $500 you have one plus 6t and one plus 7 out there the Galaxy S9 coming down in price from last year so there’s a lot of happening.


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