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Here we go again. Another new phone releasing onto the market. You know how it goes, a big company releases a new phone and all the buzz starts. Everyone rushes to pull out their wallets and buy the latest coolest new tech. The questions is should you spend your hard-earned money on the brand new Samsung Note 10? Keep reading to find out if the Samsung Note 10 is worth the price tag

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date and Price

note 10 aura glow

The Samsung Note 10 release was just announced on August 7th, 2019 in the USA and is scheduled to release on August 23rd, 2019 in India and around the world. The brand new Note 10 price in India is around ₹ 69,999. The phone is approximately $949. This price compares similarly to other new phones on the market like the iPhone XR. So now that you know the price tag I’m sure you would like to know if it is worth it or not?

What’s new

Like always each new phone has multiple upgrades that somehow improve the model in some way. Some new features that Samsung has decided to add to the Note model are; there is a new design, the Bixby button has been removed and replaced with the power button and the headphone jack has been removed. The Note 10 also has a better stylus that is easier and smoother to use. The camera sensor is also in the top center of the phone rather than the top right. Some more new things are that the phone has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and an extended battery life. This makes the device a lot more convenient and enjoyable to use. The good and the bad


Some pros of the new Samsung Note 10 are that it is easy to hold, good video recording and camera and it has a very good stylus. If you are interested in a smaller phone that is comfortable to hold then this is a much much better option. If a passion of yours is photography or videography then you will be glad to know that the camera quality is excellent and the specs will be below. Also, the stylus feature has been upgraded and is easier and more comfortable to use than previous models of the Samsung Note.


No headphone jack in note 10

There are good pros to this new peace of technology although there are a few cons to it. The first is that there is no MicroSD card support and there is no headphone jack. Although there are a couple of cons about this new phone they are not major. Both of these issues are not much of a problem as MicroSD is not that necessary and the headphone jack removal can be combated by using wireless earbuds or if you insist on using wired earbuds you can always get a headphone jack dongle.

Features and Specs

So now that you know the pros and cons of the new note 10 let’s have a look at the features and The Note 10 specs. The Note 10 has a 6.3 inch-AMOLED with a Full HD resolution, coming in at 2280 by 1080 pixels. Surprisingly this new phone is in fact smaller than the note 9, measuring about 72 by 151 by 7.9 mm. It is also lighter and thinner which improves the aesthetic even more. The Note 10 also ways only 168g making it one of the lightest flagship Samsung phones on the market. This phone is specially catered to those who prefer a smaller phone with the stylus feature but don’t want a ginormous phone that does not fit in their hands.

Note 10 stylus  air gestures

The size is just right to be comfortable to hold and work functionally and effectively. Although it is quite a bit smaller than the Note 10 Plus it would still not be considered a small phone. It is similar in size to the iPhone XR but quite a bit larger than a phone like the iPhone SE or 5s. The Samsung Note 10 also has a really crisp camera and upgraded video recording resolution. It also has some new mode of shooting video which allows for different effects such as a blurred background. this allows you to capture better and higher quality images and videos.

More Note 10 Specs

Samsung galaxy note 10 specifications

As for the ports, the bottom has a USB-C input, speakers and the S-Pen stylus slot is on the right. This phone uses USB-C connectivity like new technology being released. Most new devices are now being upgraded to USB-C ports as they are fast and are likely going to take over in the future. A cool bonus for some people is that the new MacBooks have USB-C charging ports so you would be able to use the same charger for both. This makes it more convenient for people who have a new Macbook model. The left side of the phone has the volume button and power button.

This phone packs 8GB of RAM and comes in only 256 GB of storage. This storage space is good as it is enough that you will most likely not run out.

The Bixby button has been removed and is now activated by pressing and holding the power button. This is much more effective. On the top edge of the phone, there is a sim card slot.

Phone design

Samsung galaxy note colors

The back of the phone is completely glass and the frame is a premium metal. The phone comes in a few cool colors which are; Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Pink. The Aura Glow is a mix of blue and white, The Aura Glow color also changes based on your lightning which is a cool little touch

The Verdict

Overall even though Samsung has removed a few things on the new Samsung Note 10 the many pros outweigh these small losses. And the Samsung Note 10 is definitely worth the price point. This new device is designed very nicely and looks sleek and attractive. It also performs with a high level of efficiency and power. The Samsung Note 10 is easily amongst the top phones to be released onto the market. And if you are looking for a phone that fits in your hand, has a stylish and looks great then this is the perfect phone for you.

For your convenience, we’ve added a link from where you can download Note 10 wallpapers

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