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The kind of success that the Korean giant Samsung has envisioned with Galaxy Fold was not massive. However, the company can claim that they were the first among all the leading smartphone manufacturers to deliver a foldable smartphone in 2019.

It can be assumed that more foldable phones and other devices like laptops will be common in the near future, although the technology is quite new with a sky-high price. Samsung will make foldable phones in years to come and the company recently confirmed all the rumors surrounding the launching of Galaxy Fold 2, the device that might look like Note 10 or Galaxy S10 folded in half.

An expected release date for Galaxy Fold 2

Previous rumors engulfing Galaxy Fold 2 release date indicated the first half of next year, which is 2020. Although that was a vague timeline, the latest reports suggested that the company might announce in April 2020.

It may also be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Fold was on sale from September 2019, and so April 2020 could be somewhat early because it was announced back in February 2019. Therefore, it can be concluded that Galaxy Fold 2 cannot be seen early in stores with the given date.

The expected price range for Galaxy Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 price is yet to be unveiled; however, the same reports suggest that the latest gadget would be made available at a price of about $1500 in comparison with its predecessor, which was priced at $1980.

If those reports were held true, then it will be a better price for the new version than the original one. The Galaxy Fold 2 is still expensive, although it is priced low, Samsung must find ways to reduce the production costs.

Everyone will love a phone that is durable enough like a regular smartphone, which does not require extra caring by going through a dedicated video tutorial created for this purpose.

Other rumors on Galaxy Fold 2

According to rumors, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a screen of 6.7-inches that will fold in a horizontal way, unlike the original one that folds in the vertical axis. When folded, the main screen hides, and a secondary display evolves, which will be much smaller than the Fold.

Thus, it can be said that both the screens will be smaller on the Fold 2. There are echoes about its slimmer built and a punch-hole front camera.

One report claims that the company will use an ultra-thin glass scratch-resistant for the display screen on Galaxy Fold 2 in place of the transparent plastic polyimide layer used in Galaxy Fold.

New features

There are different scopes for improvement in smartphones that will be similar for Galaxy Fold and most of the high-end handsets. Some features may be impressive, while some others may lack few things. Keeping that in mind, here are some features that can be expected from the Fold 2.

A durable design

Talking about durability, let’s take a plunge in the original Galaxy Fold. After its initial release, the Fold was not that tough, but thanks to different alterations in the designs that made it a bit stronger. Even though it is still fragile as compared to standard phones.


With a hinge, a folding screen, and a second small display, perhaps it can be expected that the company does everything to ensure that the new Fold 2 is tougher enough than the previous one. The question of durability also arises because the phone is going to be expensive.

A finer secondary screen

The Galaxy Fold’s main display of 7.3-inches is pretty impressive, but the second screen of 4.6-inches is not so. The small screen is made for frequent interactions when the main screen is folded. The screen is small, cannot be folded, and has large bezels all around it.

It can be expected that the Fold 2 will have less bezel, and the secondary screen will be bigger. The designing should be in such a manner that the main screen will fold into half, and that section will always remain visible and represent the secondary screen.

Although with that design, the company may not have to worry about an extra display that will make the device more sophisticated and fragile.

Eliminate crease

Another issue with the Galaxy Fold in the crease at the middle is always visible when the main screen is activated. Regular usage might help you to ignore that thing, but with such a high price, it is expected that users don’t have to make compromises.

Hence the company might take the initiative in minimizing the crease when the main screen is opened.

High refresh rate screen

The refresh rates on the Galaxy Fold’s display is uneven and will annoy you whenever you are scrolling through heavy webpages. You will observe the words are shifting unevenly across the entire screen.

This is something that cannot be tolerated on a premium product like this. Leading smartphone makers are putting emphasis on this particular issue, and Samsung being so experienced in this field can do wonders. A higher refresh rate on the Galaxy Fold 2 is anticipated.

Dedicated card slot

With a big device like the Galaxy Fold, Samsung did not find a little space for inserting a micro SD card. It may be a small point with the device housing a massive storing capacity of 512 gigabytes; it is not a big deal. But still, a dedicated micro SD card slot is expected on the new Galaxy Fold 2.


The Galaxy Fold has a battery of 4380 mAh, which is fair enough for regular smartphones. The Fold is a sophisticated device with a big screen and cannot be compared with a standard smartphone. The battery life may be solid, but there will always be room for improvement.

For the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, it is expected from the company to squeeze in a bigger battery in it that will make the most out of the large size for a prolonged time. Fast charging techniques must be included, as well.


Rumors around the Galaxy Fold 2 have been doing rounds for quite a while now. Until the final released dates are announced, there will be guesses and stories all around.

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