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In this month, OnePlus is all set ready to launch its smart TV which is being eagerly expected for its specs and distinct features. Added, it is going to be launched firstly in India and expected to follow roll-out globally. CEO of the company tweeted regarding OnePlus TV earlier about its new endeavor apart from working on their smartphones and accessories. Similar to their announcement about OnePlus 7T, this announcement also surprised many of us regarding their venture on developing a new smart TV became quite viral.

It is expected to run on a customized Android version with other main features like access to the Google Assistant and Google Play. As an update of OnePlus TV, the company CEO released the official image of their TV remote that on the top includes a trackpad and OnePlus Logo portraying the home button. Apart from those settings and navigation buttons, a separate launch of Google Assistant button is also available

It is through the OnePlus forum, Pete Lau, the CEO of the company, announced the release date which is almost a year later of its announcement regarding their intention of making so. The official release date of the Oneplus TV is on 26th September 2019.

With the seamless integration with smartphones, customers can feel more connected television experience and thus the company is aiming to deliver a smart TV that is potent of being smarter than others of its kind. Here comes below a detailed review of its specification and features that make it an amazing choice to go with for this festive season. After the first launch in India, it is expected to get launched in China and the USA.


OnePlus TV

It features a QLED panel which means Quantum Light Emitting Diode of 55 inches with a resolution of 4K. This panel works alike LED but makes use of quantum dot technology which is like the next stage of advancement in that technology. Also, it supports Dolby’s Vision and HDR 10. The display specification includes features like Gamma Color Magic Processor. In its report about the specification, the company shared about the sourcing of panels from the TPV Display Technologies. Even though it is available in a 55-inch display panel, the Bluetooth certification covers a wide range of distinct model respect to their sizes. They cover almost all the broadly used main sizes such as 43, 53, 65 and 75 inches making it a perfect idea.


OnePlus Tv remote

The set will be accompanied by Bluetooth 5.0 and provides the user to experience a unique Android Smart TV sense. It also supports Amazon Alexa and thus it is possible for the user to give a voice command to control the TV either through Alexa or previously revealed Google Assistant. The customer can make use of the Amazon Alexa using a dedicated button on the remote in order to give any voice input.

The user can use the guide Alexa Skill page available for OnePlus TV in order to turn on or to turn off, increase, decrease and mute the volume, toggling between channels and changing distinct channels. All these functions can be executed through voice control. Apart from these, there is a dedicated slot for USB charging of the remote controller. Generally, charging a remote is a tedious task, and such an option is expected among the user to be wireless.

Operating System

The OnePlus TV is expected to run on a combination of Oxygen OS TV in addition to the Android TV operating system. As already said, it also supports Google assistance and Google play. Recent leaks about the TV specifications reveal that there will be a dedicated button for Prime Video on the remote. In other words, such options make it looks similar to that of video streaming service will be an aspect of the operating system during launch. It also includes eight speakers array which is capable of producing around 50W of output in audio form. The sound effect is also powered by a special MediaTek sound processor. Also, as far as video, the clarity of the picture will amaze the user as it includes a special feature named Gamma Color Magic Processor.

Smart Experience

With the smart OnePlus TV, the user can gain better experience as far as with the features like

  • Seamless integration with Smartphones
  • Voice Control
  • Controlled by Android TV OS and Oxygen TV OS
  • More customized TV experience

The crux aspect that is assured by One plus is the smart functions that it is going to offer the user. In his tweet, the CEO announced that smart functioning of the TV in the sense, it has more potential to perform just other than displaying your favorite shows. He added, that it is possible for the user to see his or her daily agenda as a pop up in the morning in the TV with the specification of the local time, temperature, weather, information related to hotels and other recommendations on how to get dressed up and so on. There will be a seamless integration between the TV and the user smartphone, eradicating the complication of getting the required content from the phone on to your television.

In order to fulfill the expectations, the One Plus company has announced that its smart TV will be structured based on Android TV OS. Thus, it is possible to sense the smooth and fast performance of this smart TV by seamlessly toggling between distinct applications. As it supports Android OS, it is compatible to access all those other devices that work with Google Assistance. Such it will deliver a more customized TV experience understanding the unique wishes of the customers. It includes a camera facilitating video calling.

OnePlus TV price

OnePlus TV price

OnePlus claims that the cost of the TV will be premium that has been priced targeting against the top rival big players in the TV industries such as Sony, LG, and Samsung. Such an aggressive price quote against the popular established rivals was announced as hint denoting the product as a “flagship killer” with the motive of challenging them in the Smart TV market. In India, all the exciting customers who wish to buy this smart TV can get it online at Amazon.

there will be two variants of the OnePlus TV, OnePlus TV Q1, and OnePlus TV Q1pro. The price of both TVs will be RS69,900 and RS 99,900 respectively.


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