In today’s high tech world, where the world is literally in our palms, many of us would have an iPad in their homes. These are modern electronic devices that have taken the world by storm ever since the time they were first brought into the market.

What exactly is an iPad?

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Put in simple words it is a tablet or even a slate computer as it is referred to by many. It can do all the things that a laptop or a desktop computer can do. It is sized in between a mobile phone and a laptop. Hence, it is quite big in terms of size and ease of handling while not being as heavy as a laptop or bulky as a desktop.

How Does It work?

It works the same way as other computers and mobile phones do. However, it has a different operating system when compared to Android phones or the laptops and other systems that use Microsoft operating systems like Windows. There is a special operating system known as iPad OS that is used in newer versions of Apple iPads.

Modern-day iPads are quite unique and they have some new features. For example, many of them come with what is known as virtual touchpads. It is possible to turn the touch screen into a virtual keyboard. This is very convenient when compared to mobile phones and other devices where we have to use the keys that are very small and they do not feature all the keys that we come across in a typical keyboard.

How Is It Different From Other Tablets?

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If you are keen on getting answers to the question of how it is different from tablets, then the following few lines could perhaps give some clarity. Modern-day tablets that are not from Apple are almost the same as per the original version of iPads from Apple. The only big difference is perhaps the operating system. iPad, as mentioned above, runs on Apple operating system while many other equivalent brands run on Android operating systems. Further, the iPad is just one single product while a tablet could be different brands and makes of products. iPad does not have Flash while tablets running on Android have it. In terms of apps, there is no doubt that the iPad has more in number when compared to Tablets that run on Android and perhaps on other operating systems.

Who Should Use the iPad?

iPads can be used for a host of purposes and therefore all those persons who are performing tasks using mobile phones, laptops or desktop computers would be able to make good use of it. Hence, if you wish to send emails, use social media, listen to songs, compose songs, use the word and other documents for creating text, or if you wish to simply browse the internet, you can easily use the iPad. Hence this would have given you a reasonably good answer to the question as to who should buy it.

Is It Worth It?

With so many articles surrounding the iPad and also some hard-selling happening out there, we often wonder whether is it worth it? iPads do cost money and therefore we would like to be reasonably sure that we are getting the desired value for money when using these devices. Let us try and find the answer to this question.

Yes, iPads could be useful for those who are looking for something that is bigger than mobile phones. While modern-day smartphones are powerful and have a number of features, they are uncomfortable when they have to be used for a long period of time. If you have quite a bit of word-processing work to be done, then it is quite obvious that the iPad would be a better choice.

Further, it could also be useful for those who are not comfortable carrying laptops around. Though laptops are better than the iPad in terms of usage, they are quite heavy and porting them around could be a headache. Finally, the iPad is obviously the solution for those on the move and for those who do not like to be stuck up in a single place with a desktop in front of them. Hence, at the end of the day, it would depend on the persons who use it and their specific needs and requirements.

What Is The Price Of iPad?

It may not be possible to give a straight-jacketed answer to the question as to what is the price of iPads. They are available in different configurations, sizes and they have different capabilities. You can get iPads for as low a price as $270 and there are sophisticated and advanced models and brands that could cost anything up to $1,079. Hence, you should, as a customer be able to answer the question as to how much you are ready to spend on these devices.

Pros And Cons of iPad

Obviously, there are some benefits associated with iPad and we are listing down a few of them:

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iPads come with the latest technologies. The App store is one of the biggest strengths of iPads. It goes much beyond the technology that is used for making them. The App stores contain around one million apps and new ones are being added each day. Hence, whether it is games, entertainment or commercially-useful apps, you will get everything in your fingertips when you use an iPad. It has wonderful compatibility with Apple TV and iPhone.It also is easy to use, though many refer to iPads as a closed system.

iPads are expensive. Good iPads should cost around $400 to $500.Customization options are limited. This means the tablet experience cannot be altered beyond a limit. You cannot have widgets in the home screen and there could be some apps that are simply not available in an iPad

The Final Word

We believe that the above article would have given some insight into the various features that set the iPad apart from other devices. On the whole, they continue to be useful because of their size, features, and various other attributes. They are a wonderful device to have for those who are looking at something between a mobile phone and a laptop computer