Today, the smartphone market is full of options, and it might be a little challenging to find what is right for you. This is especially true if you are in the market for a premium smartphone. Herein is a compilation of the best premium smartphones in India to help make your decision quite easier.

1.Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is the flagship smartphone from Chinese global tech company Huawei. The device is regarded by most techies as the best premium smartphone in India 2019, thanks to its elegant design and stellar performance as well. The Huawei P30 Pro also takes the award for the best smartphone for mobile photography thanks to its groundbreaking Night Mode. It features a 6.47 inches 1080 x 2340 OLED screen bundled with a

40+20+8+TOF MP Rear camera. The selfie shooter for this smartphone king is 32MP, and it delivers good breathtaking photos which are adorable to many users. This phone also has 8GB RAM and an almost two day 4200 MAH battery.

PRICE ₹ 71990.

2.Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Bst smartphone samsung gaalaxy s10plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is also a worthy contender for the best smartphone of 2019. It brings to the table a lot of premium features, and you would surely be glad to own one of these. The S10 Plus has a brilliant 1440 x 3040 6.4 inches QHD display which is much better than what is offered by the Huawei P30 pro. This phone also features a 12+12+16 MP rear camera and a 10+8 MP dual selfie shooter as well. This Samsung flagship also has a Super Night shot feature which makes taking photos at night quite more interesting. Additionally, it is packed with 8GB RAM and 4200 MAH battery.

PRICE ₹ 73900.

3.Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3  specs

Google Pixel 3 is quite an exciting offering as it has a reputation for being one of the most reliable smartphones on the premium segment that you can buy. It features a 5.5-inch 1080 x 2160 OLED screen with a 12.2 MP primary camera. There are dual 8+8 MP selfie cameras at the front of this phone. Google Pixel phones are known to bring to market some of the most revolutionary features for the android operating system. The phone also runs one pure android, which means that there are no unnecessary customizations. It has a 4GB RAM and a 2915 MAH.

PRICE ₹ 48,490.

4.OnePlus 7 Pro


The company OnePlus has made a name for itself on the market for producing premium phones for a not so premium price. With their latest release, the OnePlus 7 Pro, they seem to be joining the premium smartphone -premium price group. Despite this, the OnePlus 7 Pro is arguably the best smartphone in India right now. The phone has a 6.7-inch 3120 x 1440, 90 Hz OLED display. Additionally, this fantastic display covers the whole front of the device as it takes advantage of a popup 16MP selfie camera. It also has a 48+16+8 MP rear camera, 8GB RAM, and a 4000MAH battery.

PRICE ₹ 48,999.

5.Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20  Pro specs

Huawei makes its second entry to this list of the best smartphone of 2019 thanks to its Mate 20 device. The Mate 20 features a breathtaking 6.36-inch 1440 x 3120 OLED display and has a 24 MP Selfie shooter and a 40+20+8 MP rear camera. These cameras deliver outstanding photos, and you will be impressed with the phone’s performance thanks overall. It has 6GB of RAM and 4200 MAH battery.

PRICE ₹ 49,990.

6.Samsung Galaxy S10E

Best Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10E  specs

With this being its first model year, the Samsung Galaxy S10E is quite good. The phone is smaller and more affordable than its brothers, the S10 and the S10 Plus while delivering almost the same performance and specs. The S10E features a 5.8-inch 1080 x 2280 OLED display. It is also bundled with great cameras, a 10 MP Selfie shooter and a12+16 MP rear camera. The phone has 6GB RAM and 3100 MAH battery.

PRICE ₹ 49,400.

7.OnePlus 7

As OnePlus released their OnePlus7 Pro, they also did the OnePlus 7 but without much hype. Despite this, OnePlus 7 is one of the best premium smartphones in India at a quite impressive price. Though this phone does not pack as many features or performance as its Pro brother, you will still be blown away if you buy it. The One Plus 7 has a 6.4-inch 1080 x 2340 display. The selfie camera is 16 MP while the rear camera is 48+5 MP. The RAM is 6GB, and the battery is rated at 3700 MAH.

OnePlus 7 specs

PRICE ₹ 32,999.

8.LG V40 ThinQ

The prospects for LG in the smartphone market have been dwindling, but the company hasn’t given up on pushing out new devices. Its latest release, the LG V40 ThinQ gets a place in this list of the best smartphone in India thanks to its amazing features and specs. This device has a 6.4-inch 1440 x 3120 OLED display with some amazing air motion tech. It also boasts of an 8+5 MP selfie camera and 12+16+12 MP rear camera. Its bundled with 6GB RAM and a 3300 MAH battery.

LG V40 ThinQ

PRICE ₹ 43,990.

9.Samsung Galaxy Note 10,

Samsung has just announced the Note 10 and Note Plus. A premium segment phone which ticks all the boxes a premium smartphone. Yes, Samsung has removed the headphone jack from the Note 10 and also has just 1080p resolution. But the phone still looks futuristic it has the latest and greatest SnapDragon 855 or Exynos 9825 Dynamic AMOLED. It also comes with a 5G variant in some markets the phone also supports Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 12W and 25watt fast charger that comes in the box. It also has UFS3 storage now. This phone comes in Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Pink, Aura Red colors.


PRICE ₹69,999.

10. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

This year, Oppo is hitting the premium smartphone market with the Reno 10x Zoom. Saying that this device is revolutionary might be an understatement. It is the first device to have a 10x zoom, and this will change how you take distant photos. The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom has a 6.6-inch 1080 x 2340 display, 16 MP selfie camera, and 48+13+8 MP rear Camera. It also has 8GB RAM and 4065 MAH battery as well.

PRICE ₹ 32,99.

Whichever premium smartphone you choose from this list, you will not be disappointed at all. As the best premium smartphones in India 2019, they all got the necessary essential specs and performance that you might need. Making a choice here really comes down to your personal preference.