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Asus 6Z is going to launch on 26the June at Noon in India. It is a unique phone because of it’s flipping camera. It will be called Asus 6Z in India and Zen Phone 6 in other countries. So here are my thoughts about it.

Asus Z

Asus 6Z has a 6.4′ full HD plus IPS LCD rounded corner. But of-course no notch, no cutouts, no hole punch, and no interruptions. Now the ad shows it as this kind of glorious full-screen display from edge to edge in the corner to corner, but it’s little more of a chin and a bezel than that.

So how did they achieve in Rs 32000 or $500 phone and where do they put that front-facing stuff?

Well, the fingerprint reader they didn’t put on to the glass it’s still on the back it’s lower and sort of in the middle. So it’s super reachable it’s right where it should be. And the earpiece speaker is 6 up in the little slot at the top alongside an LED notification light, which is rare nowadays. There isn’t much customization to it, but I like that it’s there. And then selfie camera: it’s the main camera flipped around. Its kind of great .it’s this massive chassis with dual cameras that sort of flips around for selfie mode and takes the front-facing shot, and it’s not quite either. Those motors make a sound every time but believe it or not this is not the first camera or phone that has a flipped camera, back in 2013 Oppo did the same with Oppo N1. The gigantic phone, running cyanogen mod with like prominent forehead and chin. And a 13 MP camera in the bar at the top was doubled as the selfie camera if you swivel it around. The main difference is that it was manual you turned it around with the hands, but yes this one is from Asus in 2019 is electronic it’s motorized, and it’s dual cameras.


Asus 6Z camera

So there is a 48MP F/1.8main sensor and a 13 MP ultra-wide as well and because it is motorized you have all kinds of extra features but also all kinds of extra stuff to worry about. First of all, don’t expect it to be water resistance anymore. There’s is no IP rating and even dust and dirt getting in there could eventually be an actual problem. So you have to be careful with it. The motor already makes some concerning sound when it counters any resistance and like I said the motors give you the ability to do a bunch of interesting things.

  • The volume key isn’t a shutter button anymore.; It’s a controller to control the exact price angle that you want that camera to flip up at any given time.
  • And then the software button becomes a slider to do the same thing. So now you have excellent control over the exact angle of this swiveling camera chassis at any time.
  • In panorama mode, there is a fully automatic panorama tilt so you can take a vertical or horizontal panorama by just hitting the button. And it uses the motor to move the lens for you across the frame.
  • There is an object tracking mode. So if you are trying to take a video or something without moving the phone of a subject, you can have it fixed to a subject. But it looks like this is just contras based object detection. And as long as that subject moves to the left basically, the camera can swivel over and keep it in the frame as long as you keep the video going.
  • It has drop protection as well. So like OnePlus 7 Pro would sort of retract the selfie camera if it detected free fall. If this one detects the free fall, it will just snap back that camera where it was, and it snaps back faster than it usually goes in and out in regular use. And it’s rated for 100k opens and closes which is at least suitable for a couple of years. And the camera quality itself is pretty good. The ultra-wide camera is not that good though.

Asus 6Z Specification

asus 6z front

Asus phone has high-end specs Snapdragon 855 and up to 8GB of RAM and it’s all metal and glass build and it’s a hefty solid phone. A big part of that is because it has a 5000mAh battery. It doesn’t charge as fast as some others but it has 18 Watt fast charging and no wireless charging. There is also Bluetooth 5.0, there is a headphone jack there is some pretty good speaker and then it has an extra button up above the volume rocker that by default is a google assistant button. And you can remap it to a couple of other functions like the double press to turn on the flashlight but they don’t just let you open whatever app you want with it, that would have been awesome. It also kind of hard to reach because it is so high up that you need both hands to hold it and to reach it.

So one of the biggest most welcome changes on this whole phone is Asus finally dropping that massive Zen UI skin and bringing it back to near-stock Android. Cutting all the bloatware, all the unnecessary duplicate apps, ugly launcher, app icons, and themes. This UI is much better, much cleaner and hopefully faster software updates as well.

So yeah Asus 6Z definitely one of the surprises of the year. Of- course being a pretty great all-round budget phone that happens to have one really impressive flipping camera feature. This is definitely ‘still worked around” this isn’t the permanent solution on our way to bezel-less phones.

Asus 6z released on June 26th



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