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The Apple Watch Series 5 is a long-overdue upgrade. It takes along with it the best in world-class features like a health fitness tracker with a motivator, fast communication, a wearable computer-optimized with fast performance and the Always-on’ display. The always-on feature may not sound like a great deal but it’s the only thing that’s been buzzing around the product since its launch.

Apple spent year after year to overcome the shortcomings of major features and had successfully knocked them off. We saw the power issue getting solved on Series 2, Series 3 improved cellular connectivity, Series 4 extended the display to the edges and now in Series 5, the display stays on. You may consider upgrading to Series 5 if you already have Series 4. Although most people don’t have Series 4 or any series despite being the world’s most popular watch with a fitness tracker and a bigger product than the iPod itself.

All the small details every Apple watch owners demand for an upgrade or the new one that doesn’t own any of the Series, the following review might get all your doubts at bay and prefer buying a brand new Apple Watch Series 5. Let’s begin with a detailed analysis of its features.

• Always-on display on Apple watch:

The always-on display is inspired by the new OLED display technology that helps in slowing down and dimming the display but it feels that the display is always on for reading out. The screen automatically adjusts in low light areas like in a movie theatre. Although you can turn on or off the screen by going into settings. But Apple insists on not turning off the screen as the watch comes with 18-hour battery life. The watch is connected to the display driver with an integrated power circuit that is controlled by an ambient light sensor.

Always on in app,e watch

Apart from hardware improvement software too has been optimized. While sleeping the Watch goes into an ultra-low-power mode. All sort of animations that appear on the screen is no longer to be seen. Also, you can’t get notifications in low power mode. You need to tap or wake the watch. You can also hide sensitive information regarding your health by going into settings so that someone might not see those. If you were using any app and after some time the screen goes to sleep, it will dim out that app also just in case no personal data gets out. Later on, waking the watch, you will still be on that app. It is like a dream come true for many watch users to get a feature like always-on and the arrival of Series 5 has made many happy faces.

• Digital Compass:

Compass apple watch

The Series 5 comes with a digital compass and hence it knows the directions. The compass app will probably be beneficial to hikers and even campers. The compass will help you in getting the right inclination, elevation, latitude, and longitude. In combination with GPS, it will show an accurate measurement. Now getting directions while biking will be more thrilling when navigating through maps.

• Emergency Calling Everywhere:

Series 5 will support international emergency calling. Apple says that this feature will almost work on over 150 countries without needing a cellular plan. The watch is ready all the time to help you if it detects a fall or hit an SOS whether you are at home or abroad. It got an always available emergency beacon.

• WatchOS 6 in series 5:

It’s an upgrade to most of Apple watch range but it shines brightest on Series 5 as it utilizes its new features. Some new features in this OS include a few design tweaks that add more to the watch. A feature named Activity Trends tracks down historical data about yourself if you use the watch for a long duration of 90 days.

• Ceramic or Titanium make:

The base model of series 5 is made from aluminum that comes in either gold, silver or gray finishes. But for people with fancy tastes, there are two variants. A ceramic white body or a titanium body that has metal or space black shades. The use of titanium makes the watch more light and even stronger than steel. The surface is fingerprint and stain-resistant.

• Bands & Studio:

We have seen Apple release new and seasonal bands for its watches. There were also new styles available every year. Now it’s more about colors & combinations. You can buy various types of bands like sport bands, sport loop, Nike sport band, Nike Sport loop, leather, Hermes leather, and stainless steel. But you cannot get a ceramic or a titanium bracelet.

different styles band in apple watch

With Apple Watch Studio, you can now create your own customized combos. You can avail them from Apple retail outlets or from their online store. Creating your desired combo will make you much happy and you will love it.

A few missing things:

  • The long battery life of 18 hours stays only a maximum of 2 days in comparison to other watch and fitness brands available in the market. A week-long duration might be a better one even if the watch goes into low power mode.
  • Inbuilt sleep tracker has not been included in this series also. Other watches have been tracking your sleep.
  • The watch uses its propriety charger that means you have to charge only with it and if you suddenly move out somewhere else away from your home, you might not be able to use the watch after few days.
  • The watch needs to pair with an iPhone. Although watchOS 6 has its own app store but still has miles to go.

• Pricing:

The watch will cost around $400 for the GPS model and $500 for the cellular version. The prices are for aluminum models. Stainless steel, ceramic or the titanium model may price somewhere from $800 to $1300.

• Bottom-line:

Apple is really doing great as it is delivering useful versions of the same product at lower prices and making them available to even more people. With the launching of series 5, Apple gave a lot of people to think about this watch.

The world’s best watch is the Apple Watch Series 5.

Here is the list of new features in Apple Watch Series 5

  • Always-on display
  • Digital Compass
  • Emergency Calling Everywhere
  • WatchOS 6
  • Ceramic or Titanium make
  • Bands & Studio

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