Finally, everybody’s expectations to put their hands on the noise cancellation in Apple AirPods Pro became a reality, and the Company upgraded the product with enhanced sound quality, active noise cancellation, and silicone ear tips for more comfort.

There were a lot of complaints against the older versions of Apple Air Pods. like poor battery life that doesn’t last a day on a single charge, don’t have noise cancellation, hard plastic isn’t comfortable and many. Yet they are the best sellers! But the reliable connection, consistency, and portability with other devices outweigh their flaws.

The new Apple earphones will give you a noise-canceling, sweat and water-resistant in-ear fit silicone ear tips and a wireless charging casing as standard.


The new Apple AirPods Pro costs around $249 alongside the standard wireless charging casing. Although it doesn’t seem like a big leap from the AirPods 2, which were priced at $199 with wireless charging casing, given all the additional features.


Going through the design of the new AirPod Pro, they are well-built than the original one. The earbud stems and pillbox look-alike casings are quite different and shorter. The casing features a small LED light so that you can check the charging status of the earbuds. When fully charged, the light turns green and if they are not, the color will be orange.

AirPods Pro unboxed

The lightness and the small size of the new earbuds are an added feature but can be a minus if you lose one of the earbuds because they are remarkably smaller than previous models, and you cannot even realize for a while. However, if you are listening to music then the sound would be stopped immediately.

For people who value high-quality audio, there is a piece of good news that these earbuds fit properly in the ears. They are more securely fit and most importantly you will get a better sound seal, unlike the previous versions that sit on the ear canal and capture outside sounds.

Music lovers will definitely love this new designing and they are indeed very joyous because they have to wait for several years to get the noise cancellation technology in their favorite product. But for many casual users wearing them for a prolonged time might cut connections from the rest of the world.

This is where the Company stepped in and developed a technique called the Transparency Mode designed for those people who loved the concept of keeping an attachment to the surrounding sound while enjoying mild music on their earphones.

The silicone tips are specially designed to get the extra comfort while feeling that there is nothing on the ears. They are very comfortable to wear for long hours, although that is not a revolution. There are other popular products that can deliver such comfort by using them for several hours.

Connectivity and fittings

Pairing up the earbuds with your device is pretty simple. With the earbuds inside the casing, open the mouth next to the device to open the settings panel. Tap the pop-up window and your buds are connected to the device.

AirPods pro connectivity
AirPods pro connectivity

You may find it tricky about the right type of earbud that will fit in your ears. The new AirPods Pro comes bundled with so-called “ear tip fittest” within your iOS devices that will help in fitting the pods in your ear.

Play some music while you put on these buds in your ear. After listening to the tune, the iOS device will indicate to you whether the ear tips are good seal’ or not. If the result is positive it will mean that those ear tips perfectly fit in.

If the test results in negative, don’t worry, perhaps changing the tips might have a good seal. You will get three pairs of different-sized silicone ear tips that you can use for the perfect seal.

Other features and Battery life of Airpods Pro

The capacitive controls on the stems of these AirPods are the best thing about their smaller designs. The noise cancellation is turned on by squeezing the stems or by heading over to the volume controls of your iPhone. There are two microphones installed in these AirPods that allow external and internal sound analysis.

The internal one monitors the audio quality so that the quality of music you are playing remains untouched and changing it using an algorithm for better effects. The external microphone cancels any background noise thus creating a serene listening environment.

Transparency is at the other end of noise cancellation technology which allows the microphones to pass external sounds through the air vents. When the mode is on, you will feel that the world is fading in and out rather than continuous dumping of music on the ear.

You can listen to music while conversing with someone, although you should keep an eye on the volume setting and make sure that the level is below the half-mark. It may seem like a gentle brush in the capacitive stems might activate the transparency mode but in reality, it will take a long and forceful touch.

The new AirPods Pro will give you 5 hours each of listening on a single charge, and the casing offers an additional 24 hours charge as a backup. You can use a Qi-charging mat for wirelessly charging the casing or a USB Type-C charging lightning cable.

Quality of sound

Once you adjusted the perfect seal, you will get straight to the music. You will get a well-balanced sound profile with skimping bass surround sound. Because of the improved seal, the normal effect is enhanced.

You may have the desired sound when you would be in a quiet room, but if you are accustomed to public transportation, then you will have problems. The introduction of noise cancellation has put an end to this problem, and you can effectively listen to good music with any disturbances.

Although it is good to hear some external sounds. Call quality is excellent, with clear voice sounds. If you are looking to listen to music or a podcast, the new Apple AirPods Pro is the right choice because the connection never interrupts, and the battery runs longer than the older version.


The Apple AirPods Pro went ahead and fixed all the issues that it has faced earlier such as poor fittings, leaky sound, and many. It is equipped with all the functionalities and recommended for anyone as an upgrade from the previous model.

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