Apple announced the AirTags in their April event. It is their latest product to the Apple ecosystem and Find My network.
Everyone was already aware of them before release, like their feature, name, etc., except design. So let’s talk about them.

What is an AirTag?

AirTag is a tracker that can help you locate things like keys, bags, etc. It a small device that you affix to an item, and from there, you can easily track it via your iPhone. 

How does the AirTag work?

There are trackers from other companies like tiles are also very popular. To use the tiles, you have to have their app installed on the phone. This is not the case with the AirTags. 

They use an ultrawideband chip, and an iPhone with a U1 chip can quickly find the AirTag and gives you an accurate location. 

iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with iOS 15.5 can use these AirTags with more precision.

How to set up and use the AirTag?

When you open the AirTag for the first time, you will have to pull the plastic off of the AirTag, and they’ll make a sound to let you know they are ready to use. After that, you’ll have to bring it next to the iPhone, and you’ll see a popup to connect. There you have to choose its name and tap on register with your iCloud account so that in case someone finds it. They will have the info, and they can contact you to return it.

How to find an AirTag?

To find all your apple devices, you have to open the Find My app, and it will start locating all the devices you have connected to your iCloud account. You have to go to the items tab. You’ll have a list, and you can tap on the item you are trying to find and play the sound from the built-in speaker of an AirTag.

If the AriTag is near you, it’ll show you a nice animation with an arrow showing where the AirTag could be.

If it is far from the range of your phone, it can use other iPhones to connect and update the location.


The AirTag is a small round object with plastic on the top and stainless steel on the bottom. It scratches easily, so you may want to be a little bit careful with it. The AirTag is IP 67 dust and water-resistant. To remove the bottom of AirTag to replace the battery, you’ll have to push it and twist it to the left, and it pops open. You don’t have to remove it very often, though, because Apple says the battery can easily last for more than a year, and I don’t see any other reason you would want to open it.

Apple also makes accessories for AirTags, and they cost from $10 to $15. It is for those who want to attach it to something and not toss it into a bag.